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Talk show host Bill Cunningham says Ron Paul would make a great Republican nominee and wants to bring the troops home

I don't know how many of you are familiar with this guy... he is pretty widely syndicated across the country, but probably not nearly in the same league as people like Hannity and Beck. Anyways, I had heard this guy a few times before and pegged him as kind of a neocon tea-party type who would not really support Ron Paul, but I was wrong. Check out some of these comments from Sunday night's show:

Cunningham: "Every time I heard Ron Paul talk or his boy Rand Paul, it fills me with excitement... I'm thinking the guy makes a lot of sense... Ron Paul excites me... His ideas are my ideas... Wouldn't Ron Paul make a great Republican nominee?"

John Tamny: "I think so... wouldn't you love to see Ron Paul up against Barack Obama?... Ron Paul would embarass him up there"

Cunningham: "We're still spending $10 billion a month in Afghanistan with no obvious purpose or reason... We're spending $10 million a day bombing the hell out of Libya... We're spending millions more in Yemen bombing them... We're bombing 5 countries in the Middle East... We're on a war footing but nobody knows it... Soldiers are being killed, civilians are being killed... We're borrowing the money for these wars from the Red Chinese... There's no way out except to come home... Obomber refuses to do it... I've asked John Boehner my friend why doesn't he do it... He mouths all this support for the military, which OF COURSE we support the military, I love them so much I want to bring 'em home alive!"

You can download the podcast to listen for yourself here:

UPDATE: Here is the youtubes of his comments

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