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Why is Congressman Ron Paul being ignored by the mainstream media?

This is a comment I sent to US News and World Report on why the media is ignoring Congressman Paul.

Of course, they should take him VERY seriously.

There are basically 2 reasons the corporatist media opposes and therefore has embarked on a strategy to ignore and discredit Congressman Paul.

First there is monetary policy which includes the Federal Reserve question. Congressman Paul sees the private central banking cartel as a serious problem and blames their policy of bailouts and wild money printing for the economic mess we're in. Paul wants to create "sound money" which basically means a return to the gold standard, and he wants to end the Fed in a transitional manner. This is a huge threat to the banking industry, which is no doubt fighting tooth and nail to stop him.

Secondly, there is the issue of foreign policy. Paul opposes the policy of foreign aid and foreign interventionism. He rails against the so-called military-industrial complex. It's important to remember history on this topic.

President Eisenhower made a famous statement during his farewell address. He said we must beware of the "military-industrial complex." This man was President of the United States for 8 years and he led the invasion of Normandy on D-day. Was he insane? No, he understood the problems and he was a man of facts.

He saw the problem and he pointed it out that there had developed a growing group in our country whose goal was to promote war and make money doing so. It was simply a warning of what he saw. And he understood this better than anyone. If the military-industrial complex was a problem 50 years ago, how much more of a problem is it today? When you go about seriously trying to answer that question, then you will begin to understand things much better.

This is what Congressman Paul has been saying. If we respected Eisenhower 50 years ago, we should respect Paul today. Clearly his position is a threat to the defense industry which has grown to a gargantuan size. And if the banking industry and defense industry are against you, then its likely that the media industry will be against you as well.

Any and all comments are welcome. Please let me know why YOU think Congressman Paul is being ignored

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msm ignorance

Just look at what has been accomplished over the last several years despite the msm best efforts to suppress Dr. Paul and supporters. Corporate media maybe hasn't figured out yet that they are in some ways irrelevant; we have camera phones, ipads, internet, etc., and have been able to by-pass them to a great extent. Mass media is appealing only to a shrinking audience?
Can't stop the signal!

That sums it up pretty well

Once again maxwells silver hammer hits it right on the head, you nailed it. I hope we can use what tools we have available to us to reach as many people as possible.