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Stop Worshipping Ron Paul!

This is the title of some dumbasses article located here. http://eli0johnson.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/stop-worshipping...

I PWND his ass in the comment section and encourage you to go and post facts about paul i have pasted my initial comment below.


stop worshiping ron paul? lol and do what worship perry bachmann and obama? this article is trash. If the author had any sense he would take the time to ask a “worshipper” of Ron Paul why they so adamantly support this man.

Here is your answer. The message of peace is what got Obama’s lying ass elected, you remember that right? Right. That is Dr. Paul’s message, also social liberty and money that appreciates rather than depreciates, along with no Federal Income tax. WHAT A TRAVESTY! PEACE PROSPERITY AND FREEDOM!? HOW un-American !

If you passionately and actively believe in even just the principle of peace, and are against all crimes against humanity no matter who the victim is, then thats all it would take, you will be labeled a “Worshipper” a “Paultard”. IF you have the Sense, and the Intellect to question the BS you hear from all of these slick , paid off, candidates and their little sidekicks like this writer. You will be a member of a “cult” sick in the head! Worshipper!

God, these people make me sick and it makes me sick that people who oppose paul, will take cue from horrible,plainly childish, and stupid articles such as this one and run away with them. Thinking that it is a viable argument against ANYBODY. At least TRY and dig up dirt, Try to find something that paul says that makes no sense, Find something he’s lied about that should be your mission! Discredit him while keeping your own credibility.

You know why you won’t though. Because you can’t and your mad. Enjoy your struggle against the tidal wave of support for this guy, and try to be a bit more creative than this. You’re probably going to complain about the opposition to this article, and whine about how mean Rp people are. RESPECT PEOPLE AND YOU WILL RECEIVE RESPECT, until you learn how to do that, don’t expect any love from the thousands across the country waking up to the fact that your media is AGAINST ending war and tragedy! Why? Because that is your source for life without that noone would read or watch the news.You’d be alot more popular if you just LIED as usual, and supported paul and his supporters. worship, give me a break save it for the highschool crowd im a goddamn grown ass man.

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How almost every 'critique' of Ron Paul is delivered with a unusual ammount of foul language and insults. Most pro-establishment folks try to ignore him, and those who don't can only insult him.

I smell a lot of fear and despair on the part of the 'opposition' against Dr. Paul. They do not reject his viewpoints, for they do not even comprehend them. What they're really afraid of, is that Ron Paul might be right and they themselves have to admit they were wrong all those years.

I would say stop giving

I would say stop giving attention to the nobodys. I've never heard of him. He has 1 reader as far as I can tell and that is you.
Your talents are wasted on that guy.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

I saw this page pop up a few times on twitter and decided

I HAD to say something i dont give a crap about this guy i just wanted to make him feel small and alone. But your right, I agree with you waste of time

I would say mission

I would say mission accomplished. lol

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

It looks like all the

It looks like all the comments have been deleted...

looks like comments were

looks like comments were deleted

Your response is so good

I don't need to go to his site and give him any traffic. Well done.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

I ain't going neither.

I ain't going neither.

lol no ones going...

Did i just single handedly DESTROY THIS GUYS LIFE? EPIC PWNAGE lol some of these guys are such a joke i feel bad for them almost.NOT