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A Ron Paul Army - Mobilising the Grassroots Base

Every revolution needs an army. Ron Paul's strong point has always been his grassroots people. We all genuinely believe in his message. However I think his grassroots have been a bit more fragmented this time around. Last time we all gathered around the money bombs with great success. Trevor Lyman did a lot of work to gather that amount of support, but now he isn't in the picture this time around, so we don't have his email lists and the grassroots base hasn't been mustered to it's full potential.

My proposal is to create a very simple website, essentially 1 page, where all the supporters of Ron Paul can sign up to a mailing list, which can be used to call upon the grassroots on mass for one action or another. This would become The Ron Paul Army.

Whether it's a moneybomb, or whether it's to call attention to an important video, event to join, media outlet to contact or poll to vote on, it would be an extraordinary way to quickly and efficiently mobilise the grassroots base.

Yes, there is Facebook and twitter, but email is still widely used, and is probably more widely used by the older members of the grassroots. Also, due to the fact Ron Paul has so many 'likes' on Facebook, they prevent him from messaging them all or inviting them all to an event.

I'm a web developer and so I can do this with ease, but I want to know if there is support for this idea out there. What does everyone think? Would you join?

I would aim to note be spammy, so I would make it so when you sign up, you can choose what mailing lists to belong to, such as:

* Weekly summary (summary of polls to vote in, videos to see, media outlets to contact, best actions that supporters can take that week to help etc.)
* Money Bomb notices (so this would be maybe once a month, or whenever a money bomb comes up) or when Ron Paul calls us to action.

So, what does everyone think?

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