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Online Resources: Post Them Here!

Where are our resources? I can find nothing online to print so I can pass them out around my city. I can't afford to buy the stuff. Last time the campaign sent me tons of free stuff and I handed out every single bit of it. I even copied that stuff so I'd have more to handout. This time they directed me to their website to purchase some. I understand it counts as donations but that doesn't mean I can afford it. All someone has to do is scan the handouts that are being sold and turn them into a pdf so we can print our own.

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I cannot emphasize this enough...

...if you are hanging these on doors or putting them on cars, etc. - ATTACH A SHORT HANDWRITTEN NOTE!

It WILL make people pay attention. It's not a gimmick! It smacks of sincerity and it WORKS!

People are so INUNDATED with computer printed graphics in the form of mailers, postcards, billboards, signs, etc that they just look right past them. A HANDWRITTEN NOTE on the other hand ALWAYS gets a read.

The reverse of the old world is that in our modern world it is the HANDWRITTEN ITEM that commands the attention! Because it is a rarity.

Thanks! I printed out 100

Thanks! I printed out 100 copies of eight of those flyers. So I have 800 handouts! I really did look but obviously I just wasn't doing it right. lol

Thanks again!


Change your title

And this thread BECOMES an online resource!

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Good information below.

Good information below.

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