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New Ron Paul video, Paul vs the Tea-o-cons

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Good video

The thing I've been thinking about a lot lately - like the last 1.5 years honestly - is how to get someone who is brainwashed and only listens to the main talking points in the MSM to see the truth? Calling them a moron probably won't work, but I don't know what will either. Logic and facts doesn't seem to work. You can provide all sorts of evidence, but they believe the stupid MSM anyway, because that is their basis for facts.

I guess, in large part, this is a physiological problem rather than an intelligence problem. There's a lot of intelligent people who's logic has been impaired simply because they have been given wildly inaccurate information for a massively long period of time.

While I would be really confident that Ron Paul could win in a general election, I think we need to find a way to solve this problem if we want to win the Republican primaries.

I love the ending!

as well as the rest.

Great video.

Excellent- "If you don't vote for Ron Paul, you're a MORON."

Did you make this, ry?


I made this video and the last one which was on Obama vs Paul
thanks for watching.

Well, it's really good!

You speak truth to power. Not a flashy video but your points pack a punch. Bumping for those who missed it.