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The end of corporate media

I know the message of turning off the TV has been here many times before. It is time to turn off the establishment media, keep the TV if you wish, just switch to the decent free stuff ~ such as satellite Free To Air (FTA).

It is time to get serious about defunding establishment media before they once again destroy an opportunity for freedom and bring another cycle of death, destruction and despair. Has to be peaceful removal of consent. They hurt us, we hurt their pocket book!

I am hoping someone in this audience will see the marketing advantage of this, given the recent awareness. My tiny mind sees slim glossy colored flyers (to go with the pocket Constitution), touting package deals for non-pay television; yes, retaliation against the media tactics they have used time-and-time again against Ron Paul. More important ~ to kill (wound, dent, scratch) the media beast peacefully; voting with your wallet.

I'm testing for responses and suggestion here. Begun tonight asking for feedback from FTA satellite suppliers, dealers and even anti-TV groups. A Ron Paul FTA satellite system package deal, with a nice picture and mention of the man on their product page.

Our power is in the marketplace of ideas, and the timing seems appropriate for the pitch.

I'm TV free since 88, and I understand this addiction isn't treated cold turkey. Also understand this could cost me my job by even suggesting such an idea. Some things are very much worth it to me. Liberty.

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I haven't watched television

I haven't watched television in about 15 years, aside from a few minutes here and there in passing.

A few weeks ago I caught five minutes of this show called "Law and Order", one of those omnipotent government shows, where the cops were searching some guy's house and his brother remarked, "My brother's not a violent person, he's never owned a gun," and that's when I was reminded exactly why I don't watch that northeastern commie garbage.

DHS scripting

The last ten years have been the most blatant with federal letterheads, rather than the one or two degrees of separation think tanks and foundations once provided to the media.

Regardless, folks need to stop paying for the chains that bind them. Stop sending the establishment media money.

I'm preaching to the choir here.

FTA is just a choice. Defund the buggers.

Vote with your wallet

Ready to smack down the establishment media? I doubt most are, but the best way is to remove your consent ~ and your money that keeps them going strong.

I have had some feedback from Free To Air satellite equipment suppliers. One national supplier has shown interest in putting together a "Ron Paul package", as he sees it as a "win-win", (being a liberty minded Ron Paul supporter).

Make one thing clear; I'm not hawking gear here. No financial interest in this, (although a Ron Paul Presidency does have financial rewards for the majority). This is about awareness of alternatives that are beneficial to YOUR liberty and YOUR pocket book.

What I am trying to do is show folks there is a very powerful way to hit the establishment media. Simply stop giving them your money. Replace them with an amazing choice of free alternatives available by satellite. Free To Air, is what it is called.

Feedback on this is desired. As with most things moving this country toward liberty, I often don't know how others regard the chains that keep them restrained.


P.S. I would be willing to purchase and write a full review of a recommended FTA system you folks would choose ~ which I would quickly/gladly donate afterwards for fund raising/awareness of the Ron Paul campaign/ideas.