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The FIX is in: Neo-Con heavyweight weighs in against FRNs and for gold!!

Folks, when someone as neo-connish as you can get like William Kristol derides the Nixon Shock and opines for the discipline of gold, you have to realize, it is going to happen now no matter what.

The only question is - will they "steal" the fiscal and monetary issues away from Ron Paul yet continue to placate the warmongers? Or can they even control ANYTHING at this point? Have we already reached the "Ron Paul Tipping Point?"


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What is up his sleeve?

When I read something by Kristol that sounds good on the surface, I ask, what is going on in that devilish little mind of his?

The kind of gold standard Billy Kristol would endorse would leave governments and central banks in control of the money market. It would not be a free banking system, for sure.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Yeah, I don't for a second believe Kristol wants competing


He wants to continue his crusade through the Middle East and Africa.

Remember, he's from the Age of Encirclement.

These douche bags still think we're fighting the Cold War.

They never got over the fall of the Soviet Union.

I suspect he is doing this either to make neo-cons more palatable to those who vote by fear, but who are starting to consider making monetary and fiscal policy more important in their decisions, OR he's doing this for real, but in a neo-con controlled way so they continue to rape everyone else with no lube, AND get to continue their wars.

Perhaps getting rich off of war, isn't as profitable as it used to be when you get paid in worthless paper.

I think we have

People are careful to talk down on RP not the media but regular people, during the debat on twitter there was alot of negativity about him, but after especially after the jon stewart piece, people have really been coming Around it seems...10%-15% is when a new idea takes off into mass popularity ive read that a couple of times, i think we have that, and the NH story from today proves, that this is getting bigger and bigger every day