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ABC News: Ron Paul Credits Jon Stewart

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, opened the doors of his New Hampshire campaign office tonight at an event that attracted hundreds of his supporters.

Paul took the opportunity to poke fun at his home state Governor Rick Perry for his over-the-top criticism of the Federal Reserve, Paul's bread and butter issue.
"The media coverage on Sunday morning was less than perfect for us," he said.

Paul added it was Jon Stewart who came to his defense.

"Then there's this guy on the Comedy Central or something, Jon Stewart, I think I've been on his program once or twice and I think he's thinking about getting me on again. Isn’t it great that somebody like that comes to defend us.”

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I wonder if this story was based on the

New England Cable News story. I did see a newspaper reporter with camera and steno pad covering the event plus one guy with a serious mike although he could have been with the NECN crew.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Careful ABC Blog Site Link Maybe Infected

My AV software block some IP Address attack after the page loaded on my PC. Re-check to make sure and the page won't load for me.

wow...he says:

"defend us" NOT "defend me".

Very cool - Ron Paul truly understands that this is not about him - it's about the people - much respect for an honest and humble man.

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"Isn't it great that somebody like that comes to defend us."

Ron Paul is so humble. Here he is, this giant of moral and intellectual strength, who practically represents salvation for our country, and he speaks of a comedian with so much gratitude and respect.



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