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Ron Paul can't win unless Republican voters understand that a dollar collapse is much more dangerous than Al Qaida


I've been having great success changing the minds of some sissy chicken-hawk Republican voters about their stance on the wars in the Middle East.

I've come to realize that the people who support the wars do so purely out of fear. They're afraid of being attacked or killed by some Arab, so in their simplistic and childish understanding of the world, they believe that our bombs are keeping them safe and preventing the deaths of other American civilians. (We all know that's not true and understand the concept of blowback)

Well, I've been telling some of my pro-war friends that more Americans will die from the coming dollar crash than from some goat herder in Afghanistan.

It's true, if we keep fighting these trillion dollar wars our currency will turn to junk and prices will rise dramatically. When prices rise, people are poorer. When people are poorer crime goes up. When crime goes up more people die.

Then when our dollar becomes completely worthless, all bets are off... The government will basically shut down. The military won't be able to protect our country. Many Americans will sadly commit suicide because of their inability to cope with the reality. Civil unrest will ensue and the government will try to quell it with force and violence.

Bottom line: If we keep fighting these wars (or attack Iran) the dollar will undoubtedly crash, and more Americans will die than all the people who died on 9/11.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that understands this and could prevent this from happening.

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Can He Win?

If the dollar doesn't collapse? What if the markets show him to be wrong about inflation during the coming year? What if the price of gold plummets along with the stock market and commodity prices while the dollar gains in value relative to other foreign currencies? How would these events effect his campaign should they occur (as happened in 2008, only perhaps potentially worse in the near future)?

Excellent points. I have a

Excellent points. I have a Neo-Con fraternity brother who was talking to me the other day about why he likes Ron Paul but he wishes RP "would grow a bigger set of balls." I said what do you mean? And he replied, "Ron Paul isn't down with enhanced interrogation." My girlfriend, a fellow RP supporter, shot back "but it doesn't work." He went on to say that while that could be true he feels safer with them doing it than he would with them not doing it. We were on the way to a concert so I didn't feel the need to create a bad mood by schooling him on blowback and starting what could have been a fiery political debate, but I wish I had been quick enough to say "If you feel so strongly why don't you enlist and go fight the wars that way." This response will surely get the cowards squirming. The facts are these people are cowards and they support these wars because it makes them feel tougher, that is until you turn the argument on its head.

One correction

When the dollar becomes completely worthless the Government will not shut down. The international banksters will come in with their fake money and suppport the Government and the army which will be released on the American people. Same model as in Greece and all the other places.

Big difference.

We carry.

Change it to Americans.

"More Americans will die from the coming dollar crash than from some goat herder in Afghanistan."

I'll try using that in my online posts.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.



rise of the economic 4th reich

This was in the British press yesterday, regarding Germany and France gaining increased control over their neighbors' fiscal affairs in exchange for bailing them out. How would the US feel about China wanting to approve our budget to protect their investment? They hold the purse strings and they know it. Consider how we dealt with Britain after WW2 when they wanted to play with the Suez canal? We just said 'no' and since they owed us, they swallowed and submitted---the end of the British empire.

We are incredibly vulnerable financially. Here is a link to the commentary.