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Blowback Against the Media

I watch the debates and the only person who has anything in the form of an educated position, is obviously, Ron Paul. When he speaks on foreign policy, we all hear (and understand) his discussion on blowback.

In our good Doctor's campaign, we are starting to see the actual blowback from the media's poor decision to ignore him. What I want to propose is that we take it all a step further.

They think we are an internet presence - let's show them what that means...overwhelm them with emails denouncing the treatment they have had for our candidate. They think we are loud when their annointed candidates show up? Let's show the definition of loud. They think we are devoted to our candidate? Let's show them by taking over the caucuses in the primary season. And when they ignore him in the media next time - let's make such a noise as to shake the very foundations of the establishment that we are fighting against.

Do not be quiet. Do not settle. Do not accept.

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