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Key talking points to nail Bachmann to the wall of shame

If you intend to go after Bachmanns political charades Ill offer some ideas here. Divide and conquer. Seperate her from her listeners by driving a heavy political wedge between her and them. She is an "elite"...make them believe and understand that by talking about the $250,000 farm she owns and which she voted to receive over $250,000 dollars in subsidies for not even counting the profits afterwards. DRIVE that heavy political wedge between her and her listeners and pry them away from her by painting her out as the socialist "elite" which she really is .You can't attack her on "gay " issues because you won't get very far with her base supporters, and you can't attack her ignorant statements but you can attack her record and its already easy because there is plenty of news out and about of her owning a social welfare farm.I think if we can drive that wedge between her and her voters we can win them over to Ron Paul,and we need that in New Hampshire

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