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Philip Mencken of the DailyCaller writes the most aggressive article I've yet seen

The DC has an article posted right now that calls ron paul voters mongoloids,conspiracy theorists,racists, and more...

Let me take a crack at answering that. The reason no one wants to discuss Ron Paul as a top tier contender is because most people would rather pretend he were not a contender at all. Why? Because Ron Paul is a joke at the expense of the Right, and his second place showing in the straw poll was the bad punch line. The man tracks with (and may agree with) racist, conspiracy-mongering mongoloids so vile that they would instantly discredit libertarianism if any liberal media outlet more relevant than The New Republic ever bothered to cover them. Those who disagree are invited to explain the chumminess between Ron Paul and the Mises Institute, whose patron Saint Murray Rothbard once made a habit of paling around both with Maoists and with the followers of David Duke, for the simple reason that the responsible Right failed to display a sufficient hatred of America relative to those two groups.

I find it rather hilarious because I am not only mexican-american, I am not racist and I know many many many Ron Paul voters who are not racist at all including Ron Paul not being racist. Ron Paul wants to do more for people of all races than has been done in 60 years.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/08/17/ron-pauls-liberty-will-giv...

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