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ABCs of American Tyranny

The most destructive force in the world is ignorance.

In recent times, our population has gotten accustomed to letting its attention be monopolized by the media, whose agenda is becoming increasingly obvious and sinister as the years go by. Technology has strengthened the illusions collectively held by the people, as propaganda reaches new levels of sophistication and dissemination. The same lies are spouted incessantly on your TV at home, on the radio, on the news on your blackberry or iPhone. The same lies are worked into Hollywood movie scripts and even preached from the pulpits at church. As such, Americans tend to be grossly misinformed and undereducated about the political realities that impact our lives at every level.

Each of the following issues is problematic for its own reasons, but taking them altogether, they present a stark and frightening picture of totalitarian dominion over a pliable, docile population, who aren't aware of their own vulnerability to the same violence and destruction they have apathetically promoted for other people in other nations.

I think these are the ABCs Americans really ought to be learning.

And it goes without saying- THIS is why we need RON PAUL.

Let me know if I forgot anything:

A = Afghanistan, Agenda 21, American assassinations, AIPAC, ADL, al Qaeda, Abu Ghraib

B = Bailouts, Blowback, Big Pharma, Big Agra, Biometrics, Bush Doctrine, Biowarfare, Bradley Manning, Bilderberg, Bretton Woods,

C = CIA, CFR, Continuity of Government, Conspiracies, Coups, Climate Change, Carbon Tax, Cap and Trade, Chemtrails, Compliance Training, Central Planning, Checkpoints, Controlled Opposition, "Cybersecurity," Civilian Labor Camps, Council for National Policy, Collateral Murder, Chevron, China, Confiscation

D = DHS, DIEBOLD, Drones, Dyncorps, Data Mining, Debt, Drug Trafficking (by CIA)

E = Executive Orders, Enemy Combatants, Eurasia, Energy Task Force, Economic Hitmen, Endless War, Experimenting on people, "Everyone is a suspect."

F = Federal Reserve, FEMA, Food Safety Modernization Act, FEMA, False Flags, Fiat currency, Fusion Centers, FDA, Fluoride, Fearmongering

G = Gitmo, Grand Chessboard, G-20, GMOs, Gun Bans, Global Government

H = High-Value Detainee Interrogation Groups, HIPAA laws, HAARP, Human Behavior Modeling Program, Halliburton

I = Indefinite Detention, Inflation, IRS, Infiltration, IMF, Impunity, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Indoctrination

J = "Just War," Jekyll Island

K = Keynes, Koch Brothers, Killing, Kleptocracy, Kagan (Robert and Elena)

L = LIES, Libya, Lobbyists, Lockheed Martin, LRAD, lawlessness

M = Mainstream Media, Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, Militarism, Monsanto, MIAC Report, Moral Hazard, Market Manipulation, Mysterious Microbiologist Murders, Manufactured Crises

N = NATO, Nine-Eleven, Nation-building, National Security Letters, No-fly list, NEOCONS, Nuclear issues

O = OIL, Operation Northwoods, Operation Mockingbird, Oligarchs, Obama, Obamacare

P = Paramilitary forces, Puppet Government, Preventive Detention, Project for a New American Century, PATRIOT ACT, Propaganda, Police state, Psy-Ops, Pandemics, Prisons, Partial-Birth Abortion, Pipeline-istan, Pakistan

Q = Quarantines, Quartering Act (No such things as "unlawful entry" in Indiana)

R = Rackets, Renditions, RFIDs, RealID, Rumsfeld, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Radiated Foods, Recessions, Raytheon, Raw Milk ban

S = Shadow government, Surveillance, SWAT Teams, Social Engineering, Super Congress, Slave Labor, State Secrets. Stimulus packages, Somalia, Syria

T = Terror, Torture, TSA, Tasers, TARP, Trilateral Commission, Tamiflu

U = Unocal, UN, Usurpation

V = Violence, Vaccines, Vehicle Tracking Devices

W = WAR, Waterboarding, Waste, Watch Lists, WHO, World Bank, Warrantless Searches, Wiretapping, Wolfowitz, Wall Street

X = Xe

Y = Yemen, Yoo

Z = Zionism, Zeitgeist, Zbigniew Brzezinski

Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey? Romans 6:16

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You forgot

FEMA Camps, however, you do have FEMA listed twice; I guess
that's because they're doubly bad.

Thank you

I didn't even know about the DIA and DARPA. New stuff to look up :)

Wow, wow, wow this is outstanding!

Thank you for putting this together.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Thank you, quilting!

I thought it might be good for reference.