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Perry's Attack on Fed Echoes Ron Paul

NASHUA, N.H. — Gov. Rick Perry sent the media into a feeding frenzy this week when he went hammer and tong after the U.S. Federal Reserve, but supporters of another Texan running for the White House heard something familiar: the message of Ron Paul.

“We agree with him, but let’s point out that he’s parroting what Ron Paul has been saying for years,” said Debra Medina, a Ron Paul acolyte who ran an unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign against Perry in 2010. “He’s reading the economy and the monetary policy concerns and he’s mimicking Ron Paul.”

Perry’s sustained attack on the central bank has helped nourish a widespread feeling among Paul supporters that the Republican congressman can’t catch a break. He’s been bashing the Fed for years, and here comes Perry stealing all the thunder.

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Don't fall for it

Ignore RP (um, that's "Rick Perry") and he'll go away. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Since Ron Paul is invisible...

others might as well steal his decades old ideas as their own, it makes them look intelligent.

Next, watch for them to start shouting "Bring the troops home", as if they were always for that...

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

If average GOP voters would

If average GOP voters would just understand that other candidates are just parroting most of Ron Paul's ideas, he would have a landslide victory in every primary.

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