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Glenn Greenwald on Ron Paul

The whole thing is magnificent, even though Greenwald is a stalwart progressive with socialist tendencies, and he does call Ron Paul "anti-choice," which is misleading. Anyway, he's far and away the best journalist out there.


There are many reasons why the media is eager to disappear Ron Paul despite his being a viable candidate by every objective metric. Unlike the charismatic Perry and telegenic Bachmann, Paul bores the media with his earnest focus on substantive discussions. There's also the notion that he's too heterodox for the purist GOP primary base, though that was what was repeatedly said about McCain when his candidacy was declared dead.

But what makes the media most eager to disappear Paul is that he destroys the easy, conventional narrative -- for slothful media figures and for Democratic loyalists alike. Aside from the truly disappeared former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson (more on him in a moment), Ron Paul is far and away the most anti-war, anti-Surveillance-State, anti-crony-capitalism, and anti-drug-war presidential candidate in either party. How can the conventional narrative of extremist/nationalistic/corporatist/racist/warmongering GOP v. the progressive/peaceful/anti-corporate/poor-and-minority-defending Democratic Party be reconciled with the fact that a candidate with those positions just virtually tied for first place among GOP base voters in Iowa? Not easily, and Paul is thus disappeared from existence. That the similarly anti-war, pro-civil-liberties, anti-drug-war Gary Johnson is not even allowed in media debates -- despite being a twice-elected popular governor -- highlights the same dynamic.


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The media has to make money.

They're going to show what most people want to see, which is superficial stuff. It's not the media's fault. They just respond to the market.

The media is a scapegoat.

you should change your

screen name to "not-so secret agent". Are you really so foolish? It's not the media's fault? The market? There's no market in news. There's an oligopoly of establishment cronyism, but not a market. GE owning NBC while its CEO gets to play ____ czar and score tax breaks for his company from the Obama administration is hardly exemplary of a free market. Hopefully, sticking around here will open your eyes eventually.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

Lol, yeah, right.

The "people" are DYING to see more about Rick Perry and John Huntsman.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Let me ask you a question

What if the same people that own the Federal Reserve own the Main Stream Media in this country. Do you think they would care if they made money on thier media more than keeping a strangle hold on the money supply of America? After all if they are one in the same they can always just print more money.

Since you are new here (7 weeks 3 days) I will cut you some slack. You have much to learn or you are a troll. If you are new to the revolution welcome and keep learning. You will eventually find that the senario I put forth above is indeed true. If you are just another troll....

"The same people" is

"The same people" is waaaayyyy too strong. The MSM have many different owners, and none are exactly the same individuals that "own" the Fed.

There is a big problem with our monoculture, in that pretty much all people in power anywhere, come from the same backgrounds, the same institutions and are indoctrinated to believe the same progressive nonsense. But that does not mean they are all, in fact, the same individuals.

Hence, if there was a big enough market for Ron Paul coverage, somebody would swoop in and fill it. Like Rupert Murdoch did with Fox and Rush and others did on the Radio, back when the MSM was more one sidedly leftist than it is now.


If they're ignoring Dr. Paul

they're doing it because it's more profitable to spend time paying attention to someone else. How can you blame them doing their job, which is to make as much money as possible? Making shareholders happy is all what capitalism is all about. Don't hate the player. Hate the game.

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

We live in fascist economy

We live in fascist economy dipshit. Do you apply the same standards to defense contractors? The media makes money through government access, not by reporting honestly on government, because government has taken over too large a portion of our society. If these companies lost access by criticizing the state too severely or generally supporting Ron Paul they would have their press passes taken and go under(they think, anyway).

Ventura 2012

your obviously very polite and kind

It does not help the campaign to call each other names when you disagree with them.. what would Paul think of that.. I do not hear him running around calling people who basically are wrking for the same thing..retarded.. Poor example of the campaign..

This guy is a long time

This guy is a long time troll.

Ventura 2012

When Voting and Lobbying (non-market participating activities)

does not bring you Individualism (Self-Rule or Consumer-Sovereignty) what will you do then?

I asked this question in 2007-8 -- a what will we do during the Obama age (the down time).

Everyone chose to get Congress Elections (etc).

It would be awesome to get RP in the White House -- just in case the Evil They really are in control of the ballot box and media -OR- just in case the Evil They pick their own candidate and that liberty can't be won via Voting and Lobbying what will you do then?

This is not a negative question.

Will you focus on Senate/Congressional seats for the next two cycles 'till 2016 when we try to get Rand Paul elected?

Or should we put our $20M toward something more market-participatory?

I love Glenn Greenwald and

I love Glenn Greenwald and read all his stuff.

Brillaint devasting critique

Brillaint devasting critique of the shallow American media. Money shot here:

"A presidential term is 48 months; that the political media is transfixed by campaign coverage for 18 months every cycle means that a President can wield power with substantially reduced media attention for more than 1/3 of his term. Thus, he can wage a blatantly illegal war in Libya for months on end, work to keep U.S. troops in Iraq past his repeatedly touted deadline, scheme to cut Social Security and Medicare as wealth inequality explodes and thereby please the oligarchical base funding his campaign, use black sites in Somalia to interrogate Terrorist suspects, all while his Party's Chairwoman works literally to destroy Internet privacy -- all with virtually no attention paid."

Spot on!

Good comment

I think we should WIN in N.H. and I hope this state will END Ric

Rick Santorum replied that this argument represented “the Tenth Amendment run amok” and quoted Abraham Lincoln that “the states don’t have the right to do wrong.” He argued that the United States is a nation built upon moral laws, implying that he would support the federal government overriding the state government if an action of the state violated those moral laws.Read More: http://confederateunderground.blogspot.com/2011/08/rick-sant...

Advocating Liberty all the time http://tinyurl.com/4yhzbjo

Mitt Romney needs to be stopped first

Romney has deep political ties in N.H. and Massachusetts. He will have to be stopped in order to clear the path for a Ron Paul victory.

We need to expose the scandelous history of Romney, and his hypocrisy on political policies in a large, serious way. This man must be stopped first, or it will be very difficult for to win there.

Here's the actual link

The two-party system and these presidential campaigns are virtually guaranteed -- by design -- to produce palatable faces who perpetuate the status quo, placate the citizenry, and dutifully serve the nation's most powerful factions.


"Anyway, he's far and away

"Anyway, he's far and away the best journalist out there."

Add the names Michael Hastings and Radley Balko and I would agree. Greenwald is a principled progressive who stand up for freedom as much as anyone.

He is delusional...

"How can the conventional narrative of extremist/nationalistic/corporatist/racist/warmongering GOP v. the progressive/peaceful/anti-corporate/poor-and-minority-defending Democratic Party"

ytc's picture

In this sentence Glenn is pointing out how the *conventional*

perception of two-party-election carnivals is delusional, imo. (In other words, he is displaying the farcical fallacy of such simplistic notion.)

Did you read the part he wrote about Ron Paul, ZeroFiction?
"Ron Paul is far and away the most anti-war, anti-Surveillance-State, anti-crony-capitalism, and anti-drug-war presidential candidate in either party."

Another great Greenwald quote here:

...Shouldn't progressives be eager to have included in the discourse many of the views Paul uniquely advocates? After all, these are critical, not ancillary, positions, such as: genuine opposition to imperialism and wars; warnings about the excesses of the Surveillance State, executive power encroachments, and civil liberties assaults; and attacks on the one policy that is most responsible for the unjustifiable imprisonment of huge numbers of minorities and poor and the destruction of their families and communities: Drug Prohibition and the accompanying War to enforce it. GOP primary voters are supporting a committed anti-war, anti-surveillance candidate who wants to stop imprisoning people (dispropriationately minorities) for drug usage; Democrats, by contrast, are cheering for a war-escalating, drone-attacking, surveillance-and-secrecy-obsessed drug warrior

Bold HIS.

Definitely helps with the

independents and Dems, having so good words from Greenwald!
He has always been pretty fair to the good Dr.

Jim Rogers