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After Near-Win at Poll, Ron Paul Fights for Respect

Ron Paul fell just 152 votes short of victory in last weekend's Iowa straw poll, but it was a long drop in terms of attention from media and political commentators.

Instead, observers in Iowa and nationally have coalesced around straw poll winner Michele Bachmann, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry as the front-runners in the Republican presidential field.
Paul's message is strongly libertarian, calling for smaller government, a scrapping of the nation's current monetary policy and less military action abroad.

Those views undermine entrenched political and business interests and the media that have supported them, said Drew Ivers, Paul's Iowa campaign chairman. That's why he hasn't gotten any respect, he said.

"He challenges the status quo," Ivers said. "The political establishment, the banking establishment, the media establishment - all of which have a vested interest over decades of asserting that they're in control and taking care of everything."

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