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Ron Paul as Frodo Baggins

We may NOT want to make this comparison because I've heard that the Lord of the Rings and Tolkien were Gnostic and were involved in witchcraft, but . . .

The story itself is a great allegory for Ron Paul's fight against the Fed. Think about it.

Frodo was an underdog figure who was the only one with enough integrity/character to be able to 'carry' the burden of the ring and make the trek all the way to Mordor to destroy it.

RP is an underdog figure who is the only one with enough integrity/character to remain consistent on his views and speak out against the Fed, even going as far as to leading a movement to destroy it.

The Fed, in the case, is the 'ring' because it has an extraordinary amount of power to loot the people of their hard-earned money and a 'printing power' that most politicians find impossible to resist.

So I think it has the makings of at least some kind of campaign ad, or poster, something.

What do you think?

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