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∞ Are you in it to win it?

Dear Ron Paul,

If this go around, you are indeed "all in" and in it to win it, then may I humbly pose a suggestion to you. What if you delivered the idea to all of your supporters that for any particular month ahead (say November 2011 for example) everyone who supports you cuts their cable TV bill for whichever month you decide.

Doing this would be a tactic parallel to Gandhi but in a very American way. This action would merely be a response in kind to the main stream media's ruthless undermining action of non-Ron-Paul-mentioning by implementing your own firm counter-action. If in this way your avid supporters turn their backs on their cable TV networks, this would be using civil disobedience to the max and would likely send an undeniable shockwave of rEVOLution throughout the western news world that could even put an overgrown arrogant and narrow industry back in it's proper place.

Thank you for your time,
avid Ron Paul 2012 supporter

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Dear Daily Paul,

Dear Daily Paul,

You know Dr Ron Paul would not even consider doing this idea unless he knew there was an immense amount of his supporters that stated loud and clear to him that they would be very willing to do this.
I realize that probably many of you already do not have cable TV, but to me that just means that your goal could then be to convince someone that you know personally to help put this MSM monster in check. Being willing to do that would be just as effective and helpful to making this idea happen. Let's seriously win this thing and not tolerate this media suppression any longer.

Thank you for your time