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Converting a Neocon?

There has been some talk about how to convert neocons, and I would like to help answer that question with my own story.

I was just recently converted from neoconship a few months ago.

For me, it took about a year and a half of watching Glenn Beck. Believe it or not, if you watched him everyday for the last two years, you would see a great change in him from pure neocon to libertarian leaning neocon. He focused more and more on the constitution and freedom before he went off the air recently. I think this had a great effect in softening me for the message of liberty.

Then, during the spring this year, I randomly started watching Youtube videos of Ron Paul. I can't remember what caused me to do this (possibly Beck), but Youtube ended my association with neoconship. The videos on there are amazing, and I believe that if we could just get people to spend an hour on Youtube, they can be changed.

My conversion is definitely attributed to Glenn Beck and Youtubing Ron Paul.

Since then, I have converted my mother and my brother too. They were also victims of "softening", and I think a good chunk of all Americans have been too (Tea Party Movement). I gave them the push over the edge through Youtube videos, making them read "Liberty Defined", and reasoning with them.

I believe Youtube is the answer. Ron Paul's brilliance in economics, the freedom philosophy, and the constitution is unsurpassed in terms of politicians. People just need to take the time to see it for themselves. Many neocons are halfway there and just need a little push.

Ron Paul videos offer that push.