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THE most important thing YOU can do....

is to 1- make sure you are registered Republican NOW
2- find out how to become a delegate for your state. (there is a really nice post in here already about that)

Everything we do to get Ron Paul some visibility is great...signs, blog posts, ect... but ultimately it's going to boil down to the delegates and that is it.

It sounds like a complicated process, but really it isn't. Please consider looking into it. =)

(or find your local "meet-up" group of Paul supporters and try to help anyone working towards being a delegate)

What a GREAT question.

First of all, sign up to Ronpaul2012.com and Revolution-PAC to volunteer, and get updates.

Secondly, if you're on the internet, we need to focus on shaping the debate in these primary states. This can be done by simply writing "I am voting for Ron Paul this time around" which makes a powerful statement.
Commenting on the news and GOP websites in Iowa (where we still have unfinished business) and NH, and South Carolina, is something that can be done with no money, and little time.
Just writing "Ron Paul 2012" is NOT going to cut it. Remember " I am voting for Ron Paul this time around" shows that a person is waking up, and has had a change of heart.

Making persuasive statements in the comment sections where potential primary state voters are reading, is the beauty of the internet, and a testament to its effectiveness.

Mainly focus where Ron Paul wants us to.
Sure you can do things in your own area where you live, but we must prioritize and FOCUS with military precision, on these most important primary states.

If you are more bold, then talk radio in these primary states, is ALSO a very powerful medium.

I like to think in terms of reaching the MOST people, in the least amount of time, for as little money and effort possible.
Welcome to the DP!!


Thank you for the Reply, I would really like it if we could coordinate this so when there is a story or poll or new place to comment or vote we could all get to it quickly, also any network numbers or email addresses could posted all in one place, I am trying to become a delegate where I live I know that is a good way to help, but sometimes I feel like there is a ton more I could do I just don't know where to do it. I am ready to live breath eat drink Ron Paul for President until this is over.

I am Voting for Ron Paul this time 2012!!!! :)