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California Straw Poll: Ron Paul Supporters Needed

::UPDATE 2011/08/19::

New link direct to CA GOP: http://www.cagop.org/index.cfm/convention.htm

I've added the direct link to the Convention. On that page, in the right sidebar you'll find all relevant, official info.

RON PAUL 2012!



FYI: Apparently, the California GOP is hosting a 2012 Presidential Straw poll at its statewide convention in September. Paulites in California (especially LA), get to this and make sure our good Doctor is well represented!


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Today's the big day....

Hope you folks in CA are gonna show some strong numbers for Dr. Paul! Be sure to get some video! We wanna see all those signs waving!!!! RON PAUL 2012!

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

I'm planning on going to

I'm planning on going to this, does anyone know how you're supposed to dress? Casual? Semi-formal? (I'm a college freshman and I've never been to one of these things)

Good Luck this weekend!!!!

We're with you in spirit, California!.. RON PAUL 2012!

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."


So my boss just pulled an office space.

Yeah...I'm gonna need you to come in on...Saturday...that'd be great...M'kay? Thanks....

Oh, and we're already coming in on Sunday. So I paid for the convention, but can't go. I don't know if I need to do anything to transfer my ticket or whatever, but surely there's a patriot willing to accept a 90 FRN value ticket to vote for Ron Paul.

All those attending need to REGISTER TO VOTE

Obviously, you need to be a Republican to vote in the GOP CRP convention.

And you can'tjust go to the DMV or post office. You MUST go to the Register Recorders office in your area.

Bring your stamp/receipt to the event as proof of registration.

I voted for RP as a Republican in 2008

in the last election. Is that enough?

as long as you haven't moved then you're good

you should still be in the voter database.

Do we need to show our papers?

So, if you're a registered Republican voter in CA, you do not need to bring any paper proof with you from the Voter registrar to participate in the straw poll?


they already have you in their voter rolls.

Ron Paul

Lincoln Clubs Breakfast featuring Congressman Ron Paul is Sat 7:30 AM for tickets contact Doug or Linda Boyd at: dboyd@laclc.org Limited seating

Is there a way to get a free ticket still?


contact your local meetup ASAP

today may be the last day to get one, but your local meetup organizer will know how to get one for $10.

I want to go

Is there a meetup in the San Gabriel Valley or San Fernando Valley that has tickets!


One if by land, two if by sea

Does anyone have the latest information about the CA GOP straw poll and how we can vote in it?

I called the CA GOP office in Burbank today and was told anyone can register at the door for $105, which covers all 3 days of the convention, and you can vote in the straw poll. There is no option to register for just one day, so $105 is what it will cost regardless. There are some events that $105 will not entitle you to, such as the dinners, but you can buy tickets to those events if you want. Supposedly, you can attend the workshops if they are not full for the $105. I asked when the straw poll is and was told they don't know.

There is no information on the CA GOP website to confirm what I was told. However, I see that Ron Paul is scheduled on their agenda to speak on Saturday. I called the Sacramento office of the CA GOP to confirm, but there was no answer. Michelle Bachmann is the only other candidate scheduled on their agenda to speak.

I called Ron Paul 2012 HQ to find out more, but they said they weren't even aware of the convention. My call got disconnected, and no one answered after that, but it was the end of the day, so tomorrow I'd like to follow up.

Still, I am disappointed I did not receive any notification about the convention and the straw poll from the RP campaign. It would be quite a feather in our cap to win the CA GOP straw poll. This is a great opportunity, if we can pull off a late rally and get enough supporters there.

Let's keep this bumped.. we need to win this!


1)We are planning a carpool from the Bay Area so contact me if you are interested.

2)California is the most populous and one of the most influential states so a CAGOP win would have national significance. It will also give energy and momentum to all CA Ron Paul activists..

We have to make sure we win this!! We don't want to end up on the other side of a virtual tie again.. Tell everyone you know and make sure you register Republican!

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Registration and Straw Poll Info Updated


The straw poll will be held Saturday, September 17 between 9am and 5pm. You must register for the Convention in order to vote in the straw poll.

Pre-registration is $90 for guests and $60 for youth (under 18). Registration at the door will be $10 extra.

Ron Paul will be speaking on September 17 but they have not placed his schedule in their agenda.


the registration stuff STILL isn't up. It says to check back in mid-August.

Associate Delegate and Bylaws

Any California Republican may be appointed an Associate Delegate to the CRP. Dues are $30 or $24 for those under 30.


The CRP Bylaws cover associate Delegates beginning on page 12.

The Bylaws mention that votes on official business are taken on Sunday. I have no clue when the straw poll vote will take place or who will be elegible to vote.

So, wait...

Do you have to be a delegate in order to vote in the strawpoll, or is it open to the public?

I read on the DP

by a contributor named Tsai That in CA the campaign picks delegates in ca , so we dont have to do anything special to become delegates is a rough understanding i got from his comments under, WE NEED RP DELEGATES thread

The term delegates has many meanings.

Delegates for the 2012 elections are completely different than delegates for this California GOP convention.

It has not yet been determined who will be eligible to vote in the straw poll at the CA GOP convention. You can sign up to be an associate delegate at the CA GOP website but as far as I know, that position is powerless.

As for the 2012 elections, the Ron Paul campaign will choose 3 people per Congressional District to be a delegate for RP. If RP wins the Congressional District, those 3 delegates will go to the Republican National Convention in support of RP.

These two events are completely unrelated and the term "delegates" has two different meanings for both events.

And Its Tsai to the rescue!

again.. thanks tsai

I'll do everything I can to get there :D

Is it just a show up and vote type thing, or do we need to fill paper work and be nominated or something to vote?


I just posted this thread about the Sept 7 debate at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley.

Who is going and how do we get tickets???????????



Why would they schedule LPAC during this convention? I paid for tickets and a room for that.

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the ticket registration isn't up yet on web site (web site here:


Some of the info is there, though.

You might want to add the website to the OP.

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Ill be there!

I'll go represent and vote for Paul, i'm in LA. If someone cn reply to these questions:

How do I become a delegate.
How much are tickets, how do I get them, and do I need them to vote.

Looking forward to going and meeting Ron!!

the American people deserve better than voting for the lesser of two evils - me

I will

be there!!!