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We Will Accept NO Substitute!

Just today, as they continue to clutch at straws, the lame street media is parading Paul Ryan as a possible GOP candidate for potus. Are you kidding me?

The people of America, that is, we, the people, have TOLD the establishment time, and time again, that Dr. Ron Paul is our ONLY choice for potus.

When will they ever learn?
...killing time...marking time...they just waste time as they continue to disaparage, disrespect, and marginalize the people's choice for president

Paul freakin' Ryan? i'm laughing now...

if Ryan REALLY was this wunderkid then he would be smart enough to place his support behind the people's choice...the fact that he does not tells me he is status quo

that, and the fact that he voted to EXTEND the patriot act permanently!

the fact that he did not think it was necessary to vote on the 911 Health and Compensation Act (for first responders) his "no vote cast" says screw you to those dying from lung disorders directly related to the destruction of the twin towers

paul freakin' ryan? wtf?

truly, they (the lame street idiots) don't care that NO ONE will accept Ryan, they ONLY care that they don't have to cover the people's choice as they waste time here...

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Between the healthy (and newfound) scepticism

of the new "Tea Party" people, and the rapid pace of information that flows via the internet..... the establishment is having a terrible time trying to FOOL the people into supporting their guys.

As each of these clowns rises and falls within a week... Ron Paul just keeps on moving forward and garnering more and more supporters.

It's a joy to watch.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!


The GOP is running out of answers to break away supporters from Ron Paul. They will continue to recruit new candidates to run in the GOP presidential primary until they can find someone that can strip away a good portion of Paul supporters. The GOP leadership is desperate. They know without the base of supporters that Ron Paul has created, there is no chance a Republican will take the White House in 2012.

Idiots!! They would rather see Obama re-elected than get behind Ron Paul...the only guy that is poised to beat Obama.

If Ron Paul is not given the GOP nomination, Paul's supporters will walk away from the GOP and probably vote for a 3rd party candidate that is the most aligned with the Constitution or probably will not vote at all. Resulting in Obama's re-election.

Protecting the status quo is more important to the GOP than winning the presidency.