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Evidence Corporate Media Connived to Ignore Ron Paul

Pew Research has added fuel to the argument that the corporate media has ignored Ron Paul in favor of other candidates and non-candidates. Pew’s analysis reveals that story-wise, Paul trails far behind all other candidates, including non-candidate Donald Trump and Rick Perry, who became a candidate last weekend. Ron Paul officially announced his candidacy on May 13, weeks ahead of most of the other GOP hopefuls.


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I think it would be instructive to compare different media.

Get a count of mentions from television for each network - being sure to list broadcast and cable separately.

Get a count of press mentions in traditional printed media, both dailies, weeklies, and monthly publications.

Get a count of press mentions in blogs and online only news sites. It also would help to have a count of press mentions on traditional news sites that also have an online component where the mention appears online but not in the print version.

Finally, assemble a taxonomy of sorts which shows all adjectives and adverbs used in connection with the mentions for each candidate.

Do the same for subjects in each mention to build a list of issues discussed.

Of course, a script would be necessary to do this and then run by a spider.

The only people I know of capable of such a thing are Google and Clif High. (his webbot software should fit the bill nicely with little modification I would think)

Then one would get an accurate picture of real media bias or non-bias.

Additional "meta data" could also include timestamps in order to correlate with certain events or statements by a candidate, as well as WHO is making the mentions so we know exactly WHO is biased or unbiased. (not just the organization)

The PEW data only shows mention count. And it is just a sample at that. It does not show the character of those mentions.

I'd bet dimes to dollars that nearly all of the Ron Paul mentions sampled were negative in some key fashion.

Having a clearer picture of net-positive mentions would tell a better tale.

**As a side note to any mavens or connectors reading this:

I could easily see how such a script would wield a wealth of data that would prove very lucrative for whomever manages to devise it first and refines it.

It could also be easily used by the FCC to accurately determine cause for revoking licenses.

You Beat Me Too It

The end of the article shows how desperate they are for going after American citizen Adam Kokesh being vocal for his support even though he works for a foreign news agency.

Live Free or Die

Jounalism.org on media ignoring Ron Paul

...From January 1-August 14, Paul has been a dominant newsmaker in only 27 campaign stories. ... less than 1/4 of the media attention generated by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (120 stories), who is the top newsmaker among Republican candidates. And he has received 25% as much coverage as Bachmann, the Minnesota Congresswoman (108 stories).

Paul’s coverage also lags far behind Trump (94 stories), who dallied with a run before opting out in mid-May and Palin (85 stories), who has given no indication to date that she will enter the race. In addition, Paul trails longshot candidate and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman (44 stories) and Texas Governor, Rick Perry (33 stories) who only announced his candidacy on August 13....



In 2008 journalism.org said Paul had 0% coverage!

In 2008 journalism.org listed Ron Paul as being a 0% "Newsmaker", with 0% "Signifigant Presence" and 0% Total campaign stories!

You have to scroll all the way down this page to find Ron Paul mentioned in a chart.