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Freedom: too big to Fail

How would you react to these two yard signs:
1. Ron Paul - Restore America Now
2. Freedom - Too Big to Fail. Vote Ron Paul

Which of the two would attract best the following:
1. Ron Paul Supporters
2. Republicans
3. Democrats
- active
- inactive
4. Independents
- active
- inactive
5. Politically indifferent
6. Women
7. Men
8. People Age <= 30
9. People age > 30
10. USA born
11. Immigrant US citizens
12. You

1. the demographics: ~40% inactive Republican, ~40% inactive Democrats. 3% active Dems and 3% active GOPs.
2. Who votes against the "Patriot Act". Similary, who votes against Freedom?

Feel free to correct my figures, but you got the idea.

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I always thought the slogans from both campaigns were rather


"Hope for America" and "Restore America Now" are about as lackluster as you can get.

Sadly, the campaign also can't figure out that the signs need to have PRESIDENT written somewhere on them.

Yes, I know, the other campaigns rarely list the office of President, but that's because they have the media carrying water for them. Dr. Paul obviously doesn't. It sure wouldn't hurt to have it on there.

Please suggest your own

Please suggest your own creative and catchy yard signs or campaign slogan. Freedom: too big to fail is not my own idea. But it sounded good to me.