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Someone Runs A Full-Page Newspaper Ad Seeking Possible Rick Perry Mistresses

Just saw this. Don't know what to make of it. I guess the gloves are off? What do you think...Good/Bad?


"Morrow, ...“a three-time delegate to the Texas state GOP convention,” is very much not a fan of Perry. He’s previously been promoting a lengthy screed he wrote against the man entitled “Tea Party Fraud Rick Perry is Political Herpes.” In it, he claims to know about Perry’s extramarital affairs because he is “a patron of Austin strip clubs” who has “excellent contacts in the Austin strip club community.”

Salon points out that Morrow has previously gone on the offensive against Hillary Clinton, paying for and voicing a series of 2008 robocalls that made the similarly unsubstantiated claim that she had “Hillary knew about and helped cover up Bill’s rape of Juanita Broderick.” In fact, his Perry ad even includes a random knock on the “enabling wives enabling Clinton’s boots.” This comment comes right above a call for Texas’ gay community to out Perry as one of their own."

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These down in the mud tactics

These down in the mud tactics are very distasteful and damage the campaign in my opinion.

Actually, the fact is

Rob is a supporter. He campaigned heavily here in the Austin area in the last presidential cycle. He ran delegate training sessions, offered a minority report at the Senatorial District convention to try and reallocate delegates to the state to help get more delegates from friendly precincts, etc. As I said on an earlier thread, he's been pushing this idea for some time. My personal opinion is that this doesn't help Dr. Paul's cause at all, and frankly wish he hadn't run this ad.

Not good

I didn't like the idea of a supporter doing this, and I didn't like the comments that followed. The end result "Not good"

This was NOT a Ron Paul

supporter. You know how I can tell? A REAL Ron Paul supporter would have taken out a full page ad and listed Ron Paul's voting record not smeared an opponent.

We don't have to smear anyone just state the facts.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.


Any how it looks like he is expecting checks to help support this to pay to the order of "CASH" thats the acronyme to his organization.... slick


Love it

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Not an RP guy... BURY THIS SH*T

Bury it. No more comments please.

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

I retract my statement, This IS a an RP guy...

I smelled a rat when this story broke and jumped to conclusions, then I calmed down and just decided to call the guy. Here's what happened:

Once again, sorry, my bad. This guy has every right to spend his money on whatever he wants... and he's entitled to his opinion. I actually kinda like him.

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

It doesn't matter if it is a

It doesn't matter if it is a supporter or not. That is the headline that was on Mediaite and I don't know why someone changed the title.

Columbus, Ohio

Really. Never says he

Really. Never says he supports Ron (thank God). Sounds like a Bachmann supporter to me, actually.

How do you get Ron Paul supporter out of

all that? This is a hit piece.

It was the title Mediaite

It was the title Mediaite had. Don't know whether he is or isn't, but that's the title.

Columbus, Ohio