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The Granger NorCalGOP Report: My First Meeting

Last night, I attended my first GOP meeting. I'm sharing my experience with y'all; for any advice and networking. The group meets every third Wednesday of each month. I plan to miss the next meeting, here's the story:

The meeting was scheduled at 7PM, in a very nice Chinese restaurant, Ana's Asian Garden, in Willits CA. When I pulled into the parking lot, a man who had parked just moments before me, was not very kind seeing my Ron Paul stickers. I followed him into the restaurant, and into the back banquet room, where three people were seated, two eating chow mein while sitting next to the American flag.

They stopped eating and were shocked to see someone they didn't expect appear. I introduced myself, and I recognised Judy from my Church, she did not recognise me as we don't attend the same Mass, and I recognised Stan because he's THE "active" Republican in these parts. Of course we have mutual friends. The man who walked in before me was named Mike, and there was another man, Mark, who was not a Republican, but there to make a presentation seeking support for a local tax to fund county libraries.

Stan handed us the agenda, we saluted the flag, and got down to business, Mark made his presentation and left (being a flaming LIBERAL, it was obvious he was nearly sick just being in GOP camp). We then discussed old and new business.

I'm going to skip the details, although if anyone wants to know, we are a transparent group, I have been told by Stan. I will bring up a few highlights:

*I learned about the redistricting in more detail.
*I received a list of "job opportunities", offices open in the county for boards.
*I learned they need help manning booths and being in a local parade.

When the meeting was preparing to end, I asked if I could say something, wanting this in the minutes; I told them that the Ron Paul meetings I have attended are bigger than this GOP meeting (that is true). I told them, as a county, we could turn it GOP by supporting Ron Paul. Judy said Bachmann. And I responded, by explaining that Bachmann bought her votes at the Iowa straw poll. Ron Paul sold tee shirts and that paid for his spot. Stan jumps in with, "Perry", I said, "He was Al Gore's campaign manager for Christs' sake". Stan says, "I know but he learned". I said. Ron Paul is the ticket to turn this county GOP. Judy said, well, everyone has to have their literature on the table. I said, that's FINE. That means that without my having attended, they would have not had Ron Paul literature on their GOP table, and I must provide the Ron Paul for president 2012 material!!!! I can't afford this, so anyone know how I can do this?

Then we got down to real business.. this is after the meeting was over. Mike, the man who saw my stickers in the parking lot, claimed his wife wrote a book about the Tea Party. So I tell him that RP started the Tea Party, and he says his wife would dispute that. So I said, I want to read the book. Mike left without telling me how to get a copy, but I will eventually get a copy to read (if it's in print). And finally, Stan tells me that there is room for 4 delegates and I'm going to find the GOP corrupt inside out, so be prepared for dirty politics.

Guess who's going to be a delegate? That's right. CA convention is Sept 16th.., the same time and date as our next county meeting. So I will not be at the next county meeting, but I will be in Los Angeles, where Bachmann is speaking (BFD). Anyone else? It's pretty apparent that CA GOP is planning to hi-jack the selection and leave RP OUT.

And so, I have allot of work cut out for myself. But I do believe that now, with this kind of local GOP "blessing", in that the cards are on the table, and my enthusiasm is very exciting to this very weak GOP. There are now 7 members meeting in my county including me, which represents 22% of the voters, Democrats having 44% and the remaining third party and decline to state.

Finally, what I learned most of all is that the GOP doesn't even have enough members to operate legally. If people who support Ron Paul joined the GOP and showed up at meetings, WE WILL WIN. (if the GOPs are all like mine, they could be sued for operating illegally); But the power in control is not weak or tired, and it is not sleeping or resting, but already setting up dirty tricks against Ron Paul and his supporters. All the tee shirts and slim joms and stickers are not worth a damn if you do not join the GOP and get involved.

If you are anywhere near Mendocino County CA and would like to be in a parade or help out, we sure could have some FUN... join me!!!

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I tried to post earlier but my phone wasn't letting me... I live in monte rio in sonoma county, but am registered to vote in southern california in the 26th (david dreier's district). Do you know anything about the sonoma county gop, where and when they meet, etc. Also, I was planning to go to the LA convention and want to vote there. Do I need to be a delegate? If so, how do I register? Can I do it out of where I live or does it have to be where I vote?

Thanks a lot... I'm anxious to organize in California. It will take a lot of grassroots to beat Romney here. Also feel free to email me any time at davescherer@gmail.com

Sonoma County GOP

I was just at the Liberty on the Rocks event in Santa Rosa and there were a few members of the Sonoma County GOP there.

You might be able to find them on the Meetup.com group There is a "Sonoma County for Ron Paul" meet-up. They sometimes have a booth at the Santa Rosa farmers market (near the produce). They might be able to help you get involved.

It sounds like the county party is very Ron Paul friendly, so it'd probably be a good group to work with.

Jack Wagner

Great! Thanks for the info...

Great! Thanks for the info... I definitely want to get involved with these people in Santa Rosa. I made sure to signbomb monte rio before the bohemian summer encampment with END THE FED :p

Excellent work...but please hear me out...

You entered the GOP Committee guns blazing as an RP advocate. I don't recommed that approach but now that is your path.

You MUST forge a new path for newcomers into the GOP Committee. Anyone you recruit should not disclose RP support nor any affiliation to you. Get dedicated RonPaulers who will agree to stay under the radar. In fact, they should pose as NeoCons.

This will allow you to push your entourage (the true RonPauler group and the undercover Ron Pauler "neocon" group) and try to capture delegate positions. This way, no matter who wins--it's a victory for Ron Paul.

The take home msg is that we need to be on both sides in order to win. That's what the establishment did to us for decades. Time for payback!

good to see you again

I remember you from 2007/8. You got pretty frustrated. :-) It's good to see you here again. (I haven't been around here much myself since the 2008 campaign wound down.)

Oh, and... hang in there in those meetings. I well know that it can be lonely and irritating. ;-) Here's to better roads ahead!

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Kick some ass


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Hi tog2476

I WILL Do My Best!!! I promise!!! Thank you.

Please be careful making

Please be careful making absolute statements like "Ron Paul started the tea party". He does not actually claim affiliation to it, even. His ideas sure were the foundation for it, but most of them still like war. Please just be careful that the message you spread is precise. You are sticking your neck out and doing great work. I also found it super easy to become a delegate in AR GOP--but they did not listen at ALL because they loved Huck and denied how crooked he was.
WAY TO GO, Activist! :)

Hi Crickett

Thank you for the feed back Crickett! I did not tell Mike that Ron Paul claimed the start of the Tea Party. What I actually said to Mike was that I claimed the first Tea Party I went to was December 16th, 2007, when Sons of Liberty and Redman Society tossed crates marked "Tea", into Noyo Harbor, shouting: "Down with King George and George Bush too!". To which I and a few friends shouted Ron Paul! RON PAUL rEVOLution!!

I'm pretty sure Mike ran home to ask his wife about it, and since I have proof that I attended this event, I'm not worried. I'm really curious to read her book, actually.

I deeply appreciate your support Crickett. I did not know until last night, I have less than ONE MONTH to help Ron Paul. If he does not make it as the CA convention in September... he won't make it in this state no matter what.

I also got the feeling that those who are embedded in the GOP would really like a Ron Paul rEVOLution, and they would be HAPPY to support Ron Paul 100%, but things need to happen very fast in this STATE to happen, not just here in Mendo.

And a big one back! CA and we

And a big one back! CA and we need you badly. TY again!