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Finally, an unbiased, truthful article

love the last line especially....

"Paul is for real. Paul has always been for real. He doesn't know how to be anything else."


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Great! J.D. Heyes, the author, exposes GOP's hypocrisy:

"Paul's got a real libertarian, small-government, high-on-individual-freedom, anti-expeditionary war streak, and truth be told, his party really doesn't like those values much, despite what they try to sell to supporters."

Ha ha ha.

Natural News

Not familiar with the writer of this piece but Mike Adams (the health ranger) has been taking on the feds and the FDA for years. Visit the Natural News site and check out the cartoons. They are great. Think I'll drop Mike a note and ask him to indorse Dr. Paul. Articles about Dr. Paul going back many years. Don't know how many subscribers Mike has but wouldn't be surprised it's over a million. Type in Dr. Ron Paul in the search bar, you'll be surprised.

Also DR. Mercola's web site http://search.mercola.com/search/Pages/results.aspx?k=Dr.%20... . Dr. Mercola has a lot of good things to say about Dr. Paul over the years. He has over 1&1/2 million subscribers. Will ask him to indorse Dr. Paul.

Voluntary Association + Mutual Cooperation + 110% Personal Responsibility = 100% Individual Liberty

NN not just about politics

I know that this comment is a bit off-topic for this thread, but Natural News is a treasure trove of info for those who prefer to not trust "modern med". On Mike's site is a library containing a cross-reference of healing herbs/symptoms. Invaluable! Make hard copies!
I hope that Natural News does formally endorse Dr. Paul. That would be a big boost - email to them already sent!

Excellent Article, However

It's not quite accurate, to quote the article: "He's been regular fodder for the self-anointed spinmeisters and talking heads inside the Beltway throughout, none of whom have ever taken him seriously".

They are taking him deadly serious, that is evident in the way they orchestrated a total news black out after the straw poll. We know one thing for sure now, Ron Paul is a threat and all the right and left MSM follows directions in unison. You don't do that and not be taken seriously.

Wow, an excellent article

This is perhaps one of the best articles I have read about Dr. Paul. Does anyone know how to circulate this to the masses? Thanks for posting!

share it on all the socail

share it on all the socail media, repost it with a link to the original on any blog you can...send link to the campaign....naturalnews is awesome.....alwasy have good stuff about the nefarious dealings of the federales


Wally is correct!

Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo Groups; the posssiblities are virtually endless. Copy and paste a link with a brief description and you're on a roll! If you can embed vid - even better.

Good article.

Thanks for sharing.

Loved it.

Loved it.