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Mixing - Are you an artist/musician who wants to create music for Ron?

If any of you are musicians/artists and are making music to put into Ron Paul ads/videos/whatever, I can create a professional/commercial mix.

We need songs that promote/sell/market Ron Paul to people who are NOT already supporting him. Also, we need styles of music that appeal to individuals are likely to vote in Republican primaries.

Please read the messages below. We can then create high-quality videos and use these tunes for other marketing purposes.

Things I mix best: Rock, Alternative, Indie, Country, Acoustic, Punk, etc.

Songs mixed so far:

We Are With Ron Paul - Greg Holzer

Please contact me if you're a musician/band that wants to participate in this!

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Just some thoughts

I think it would be really nice to get a country mix, an alternative/pop mix, a christian rock mix, etc. - stuff that would appeal to potential republican voters.

I am not a Christian, but I have mixed a lot of Christian bands. I think this would help his support with christian voters.

Country is always good everywhere, and I think targets Republicans well, especially the more south you go. It's stereotype yeah... but it's true too.

I'm interested in mixing stuff where the melodies are really catchy and the lyrics are audible and really send a message.

And of course, I think having tracks that generally appeal to all ages would be very helpful too. Music with acoustic guitars and a good vocalist are always good choices.

I can do a pop mix too.

These are just my thoughts on this. I think making stuff to target the areas where Ron might be weakest makes a lot of sense. It's good to have some strategy behind it too ;) I think having a variety of songs the community can choose is a good thing.

This is an early version, but

This is an early version, but it's all i have on youtube.

My buddies and I

recoded a tune called "Kill the Creature from Jekyll Island" It is a rock tune ...really funny really cool....would you like me to send you the physical CD?
If so contact me through my email and give me your mailing address...get it right to you. It is professionally recorded and mixed but not mastered.

my email is: michaelbis@zoomtown.com


I have a couple of police state songs posted here:


Relevant songs are

We're All Free
They Know You
Alan's Song

Yes - I already have a song written about Dr. Paul

I'll work on recording it and I would love to have it on a compilation CD.

Great idea and thanks for the offer.

I'll probably have it mixed but do you do mastering?

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


I'm an audio engineer/producer too...


I rap

www.nooneleaveshungry.com You can download my album "Libertarian Punk Rap" for free. Check that out. I record a lot. I would love to throw a verse on something on anything. Here's some older songs (I have better recording equipment now) about ron Paul http://youtu.be/XPeNSA9HVtQ




my email is

my email is mamodoesmusic@Hotmail.com
what's the goal here. How about about a Ron Paul 2012 compilation album of various types of music? All proceeds go to the campaign. Maybe we can perform at some events? I'll get this project started if anyone is interested.

I could mix a few if people wanted to do an album

Mixing rap music has never been my strong suit. I did listen to one of your tunes though I could improve upon that mix (the vocal mix needs some work. It's not glued and sitting right with the music currently - it's separate. The bottom needs to be rolled off a bit more too).

I think having a lot of varieties is good because we're in the republican primaries and we'll need tunes that appeal to all sorts of individuals.

WHich song would u like to

WHich song would u like to mix? If you would want to mix it that'd be sweet.


Well, you have my email address. Send the tracks of any song you'd like to be mixed that is directly related to ron paul via dropbox and I'll get to work on it ;)

It would also be helpful to share with me your vision for the song. Obviously I put my own style of mixing, and it's good to hear what the artist hopes to achieve with it too. Any info you'd like to give, that'd be great. Everything helps.

Since I don't mix rap (almost never really), it might be a good idea to give me some reference tracks of what you had in mind as an end result.

ytc's picture

Contact MoRtis NoCTu, a super talented singer & youtube maker!

He has two DVDs filled with GREAT youtube pieces and one CD. Our local group has been trying to edit them into one DVD to hand out at local teenagers' hangout, but we just don't have the talent to do such editing.

Please DO contact him! He is a dailypauler. So glad to come across this posting.

Good luck and thanks, egervari!

(Here's one of his postings.)


I'll send him a private message and see how I can help. I'm not so much of a video editing person (I'm an audio engineer), but I'm sure there's something I can assist with.


Cool, I'll slap somethin' together and send it your way in the coming days.... thanks for helpin' out!...

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."


Can't wait to hear what you come up with. Don't be afraid to record harmonies, lots of tracks, etc. I'm used to mixing 60 tracks on a regular basis. Make it great!

already mixed

It's funny you post this. I just received an email last night, from a local band wanting to contribute a song. What if the tracks are already mixed and ready for video?


... if it's already mixed you don't need me. I could throw it in my mastering chain if it's not mastered yet and spend some time with it to make it better if it's needed.

If you happen to get unmixed tracks (not just stems, but actual raw tracks), I'll do it if it's a good piece of music that is likely to help in promoting Ron Paul and is relevant to his campaign and making sure he gets elected as the next president of the US of A.

Point me in a direction?

Know anyone who does quality video? The songs are pretty good and they're from a group of guys who really want to help. I went to annual charity fundraiser for a nursing home a few months back, and they were one of the bands. A few minutes into their set I had a Ron Paul sighting. A rubbermaid container with a road-worn Ron Paul 2008 sticker plastered on it sitting right in the middle of the stage. Turns out it sits on stage with them at every gig they play.

I sent out a Birthday Money Bomb notice to my email list and they emailed me back saying they wished they could donate but just can't afford it right now but hope to in the short future.

One of them lost his trucking job and just got back to work after 5 months of searching. One provides live in care for his 88 yr old grandfather. One just lost his 10 month old son and everything he and his wife owned in a house fire back in the spring. But they offered the use of their songs if it will help raise money for Ron Paul, if I know anyone who does that sort of thing. Wow! Adding the songs were released during the last campaign but they didn't know what to do with them then and still don't.

No Place to Hide is for the media's treatment of Ron Paul.

Heavens Light is about "changing our idea about what the role of government ought to be" and that feeling of what we were doing was righteous and part of something bigger.


I was moved by their story and if someone could help me help them help Ron Paul I would be grateful.

Listened to the first song

I'm not really sure who you can contact about help with video production. It's really totally out of my element honestly. I knew someone who used to work in porn, but I don't think that's what you're looking for :) haha

I listened to the first song and the mixes need some work. The snare is way too loud and boomy. The vocals have way too much reverb and effects too... the mixer was just effects happy ;) I personally use very subtle effects. Most people can't hear them, but if I turned them off, you'd know something was gone but couldn't place it. I think that's how most stuff should be. Otherwise, stuff doesn't sit right in the mix and feels separated rather than a cohesive whole.

Anyhoo, I don't know if this song has anything to do with ron paul or not... I wasn't listening to the lyrics. I just wanted to comment on the mix.


Yeah it sounds like Heavens Light is a zero mix; a level mix - and No Place to Hide has had some post processing.

Personally I am not impressed with campaign songs in the Obama Girl format (campaign jingle). Besides Aimee Allen killed it. She holds the title. I am however impressed with more abstract campaign songs such as Marc Scibilia's Hope Anthem and Pendulum by Jordan Page. Speaking of Jordan Page, his Light of Revolution song will be hard to out do for the 2012 campaign jingle spot.

Anyhoo, it's not Tom Petty or Randy Travis, but it is music that can be used for Ron Paul promoting purposes :)