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Ron Paul Campaign App Revived + Ron Paul Websites launched

Hello everyone,

I created and launched the website peer2paul.com last month and it has received great attention. It has many features to help people stay up-to-date on the day-to-day activities of Ron Paul, such as:

  • Feeds from great RP sites (RP Flix, ronpaulforums, dailypaul, r/ronpaul)
  • Live chat box, used during the last debate to discuss it
  • Twitter feeds for Paul
  • Merchandise for Paul (I receive absolutely no commission, available purely to help)
  • RP 2012 Endorsements
  • This week I have launched the 2nd page, /campaign. This campaign section is every growing and is aimed to try and make the Ron Paul campaign as strong as possible. Features this include:

  • Google News + 7 other feeds
  • Meetup Map
  • RP Event Calender (All current money bombs, primaries, and debates inputted)
  • Free Designs to help campaign
  • Interview/Debates videos

    3 months ago I started working on a Ron Paul door-to-door campaign application for the Iphone and other devices. This project stalled, but support has been renewed for the application. If you have any programming experience please e-mail me at thetranscendent@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer your time and help make an application possible.

    Lastly, an important aspect of the application is going to be demographic information, so if you have any connection to the campaign and know how we could get that information, please e-mail me at thetranscendent@gmail.com

    Thank you guys so much, sorry if this is simply too much text.


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    Bumping Volunteers are much


    Volunteers are much needed if anyone wants to take part in the Ron Paul phone application development.

    Currently the main need seems to be artists/designers. An engineer has volunteered to work full time on this throughout the primaries if we have enough support, so lets get this door-2-door campaign started!

    E-mail me or post a reply