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Does DC need Liberty Lobbyists to counter all the Corporate and "citizen" Lobbyists?

I abhor the lobbyist culture and the fact that there are so many of these people with their hands in the pocket of taxpayers... Faced with the reality that Lobbyists do have incredible access and can apply pressure to lawmakers, I was left wondering if we have a better chance at playing their game than we do at changing the game...

I was watching a report from Stossel the other night called 'The Money Pit' during one segment he showed how lobbyists (both corporate and special interest/"citizen") are there almost 24/7 to pressure lawmakers into forking tax dollars for their benefit.

Here is a link to the segment:

After seeing this I thought that perhaps if liberty minded folks could organize and fund lobbyists to remind the lawmakers of their constitutional limitations and that it is the fruits of taxpayer labor they are buying favor with.

I know I would chip in...

Just an idea, I'm curious what you guys think.

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