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Indirect campaigning: Using my money differently (i think)

a friend on facebook who runs a cabin rental lamented today "i have customers who want a discount cause they have 3 kids....how is it my problem"

i responded to her lament with: Give them $50 off thier bill, tell them it comes from a Ron Paul supporter who would appreciate they consider his candidacy.

probably a waste of money. a shot in the dark. but its my statement for today.


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Simple yet EXTREMELY

Simple yet EXTREMELY effective!

Ya. Another reason why those

Ya. Another reason why those prescription cards with RP info on one side was such a great idea. They work good, too. :)

Interesting idea, The Ron Paul Discount :D

"You can pay full price, or I can offer you the Ron Paul discount"
"What's that?"
"Why I'll tell you!" (go into your best ron paul speech and then offer discount)

It doesn't have to be much but who doesn't like to get a discount? And if it makes people, especially people who otherwise wouldn't, consider looking Ron Paul up, read more about him, or vote for him, that's money well spent. You could do it with just a nod and a handshake or for even greater effect you could give them a slimjim, card or some other informational Ron Paul handout to go along with the discount . Great idea!

I mean if someone offered me a discount like that I would certainly think twice about it and look into it.