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Perry ads all over the dp site right now.

Pro Perry ads all over the Daily Paul right now. They say "Rick Perry for president / vote here."

They are ads supplied by Google which can be blocked. I think someone should do some tweaking to the ad settings.

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We have to have pictures of

the enemy to remind us what we're fighting every day, kind of like that osama picture with a taget on his face we throw darts at lol

who cares

Just click on them and cost him money. It's not like anyone here's gonna be persuaded.

Wow! I hadn't noticed!

Now that you point them out to me, I'll probably switch to Rick Perry!!!!! Thanks! Boy, that was smart of him to put ads up here to lure away us fickle Paul supporters! We're such wh**es that we'll switch over to anybody whose ad we see here. I mean it's not like we investigate their policy views or anything.

I wouldn't know... : )

ciick on the ads and maybe you can drain Perry's big bucks. heh, heh.

Why turn off the ads? Are they changing your desire to support Ron Paul?

Click 'em and cost Perry money?

Is that the way it works? I'd click away!

What the hell kind of handle is "purplefetus" though?

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Who cares?

I'd rather rick perry use up his adds here.

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com


It's a waste of Perry's money, or at least someone who's on his side, let them waste it here. We hardly need to see RP ads on this site, and it is a political site so it only makes sense that Adsense is going to display these ads.

Forget that

Forget all of that, click the links and vote, sounds very interesting!

Eric Hoffer

I'm sure it takes money to run this site

Michael has given us an option if we don't want the ads, we can subscribe and support the site that way. If we don't want or have the ability to pay, just ignore the ads. Look at it this way, Perry is sure wasting his money here!

Jim Rogers