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SF Chronicle: Ron snubbed as speaker at CA GOP convention

He'll get attention in CA: Ron Paul to join Michele Bachman at GOP state convention in September

It's going to get hotter in Los Angeles next month now that Republican Rep. Ron Paul will be joining Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann at the upcoming gathering of the nation's largest Republican Party -- the California state GOP convention in Los Angeles starting Sept. 18.

The campaign of the Texas Congressman, who came in a close second to Bachmann in the recent Iowa straw poll, confirmed to us today he's hitting California to address the convention on Saturday. Paul is planning to be present all day at the gathering -- expected to draw at least 1,000 GOP enthusiasts to the JW Marriott at LA Live.

As we reported this week, more GOP candidates might be showing up to the blue state convention now that Bachmann is the Friday keynote speaker -- and the party has decided to hold a straw poll that could juice up interest and passions among grassroots activists and the media in the nation's most populous state.

"We talked to (State GOP chair Tom) Del Beccaro before anybody was booked for this and they went and confirmed Bachmann,'' he said. While they said she would be a draw, "they told me, "I don't know if we'll sell tickets for Ron Paul."

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Thousands Turned Out For Him in CA

The Santa Monica Tea Party was HUGE. He had a huge turnout at USC, if I recall (of course, some were using it as an excuse to cut class).

We had great turn-outs for sign waves and marches, although I'd guess most were not tuned in to GOP party politics.

Should surprise them. Plus, while he's there, he can visit Leno and others, again.

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Paul NOT snubbed as speaker !

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

..won't sell any tickets for

..won't sell any tickets for Ron Paul?? Well, to me they have been sitting under a rock if they think that, but I have not heard much about organizing in CA so who knows?

I would absolutely just love

I would absolutely just love to see a huge crowd of people saying "we want Paul," "we want Paul," "we want Paul," etc, etc during a moment between speakers.


I don't have a car,

But I've been taking that particular leg of the subway every day for a couple weeks now. If anyone needs public transportation guidance, let me know.

he wouldn't be talking on Sept 16 in LA

if he is still speaking at LPAC in Reno, NV

see their schedule:

Link to the LPAC announcement posted in June:

How long do you think it takes?

How long to you think it takes to go between LA and Vegas via private jet?

doesn't matter, just look at the LPAC schedule above

and the CA GOP schedule below. There isn't any room on the schedule for that night, in LA.

I requested the poster of the "CA Straw Poll" content

to update their article earlier (it is now on the DP front page so Mods has to do it). Thank you for posting this article as the other one is OLD.


Please change the title of this post

Per an update in the article, he has now been confirmed as a speaker.

UPDATE: Here's his statement today on Paul's confirmation at the California convention -- "Ron Paul is an important voice on the debate over the proper role of government in an era of trillion dollar deficits. We look forward to hearing from him."

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/nov05election/detail?ent...

No correction needed

Ron is coming to the convention as the guest of the RLCCA. The CA GOP has refused to give Ron an official speaking slot. Bachmann is speaking, for example, on Friday night to the main audience. Ron offered to speak to the main audience for Saturday's lunch. The GOP rejected Ron and has not changed it's position.

that sounds contradictory

from what is posted earlier in the article:
"The campaign of the Texas Congressman, who came in a close second to Bachmann in the recent Iowa straw poll, confirmed to us today he's hitting California to address the convention on Saturday. Paul is planning to be present all day at the gathering -- expected to draw at least 1,000 GOP enthusiasts to the JW Marriott at LA Live."

this WAS EXACTLY what you posted in your original post


The writer of the article could have been clearer. The Republican Liberty Caucus of California (RLCCA) is renting a room at the convention. Ron is being sponsored by the RLCCA. The RLCCA expects a large turnout.

The CA GOP holds it's own lunches, dinners etc at the convention. These are the official speaking slots. They usually have 3-4 speakers per event.

Bachmann is addressing the party's dinner Friday night. There will likely be 2-3 other speakers.

Ron offered to be one of the 2-3 speakers to their Saturday lunch group. He would still do the RLCCA event that afternoon. This is typically what's done. I'm sure Bachmann is doing the same thing Friday.

But the CA GOP rejected Ron as a speaker to it's main audience. They said they were afraid they couldn't sell tickets to the lunch.

reedr3v's picture

It would be wonderful if the RLCCA event

pulled a bigger crowd than the Bachmann (yawn) event. I'm sure it will have more spirit and energy. Are there that many Neocons in CA?

I'm only a couples hours drive myself

What is needed is everyone in cali to carpool together. LA is a great city, hate the smog and traffic BUT there are a ton of great people there.

This can be huge especially here in California. I think they are assuming there to be a ton of RED RED RED republicans here instead of us Liberty minded ones.

Boy are they going to be flooded with Ron Paul supporters. If they play the no ron speaking then we will write him in. He will win one way or another.

There are just so many of us here in Cali who know our state itself doesn't even know how to balance a damn thing AND with that comes the realization that even our states economy is collapsing and can't continue.

Free aide is not the way nor is military nation building.

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I will likely be driving (i

I will likely be driving (i hate flying now thanks to TSA) from Santa Rosa on down. I have 3 seat belts available in my car. I'm happy to pick up anyone along the way.

With all the "economically vital" military contractors in CA

who are ALSO keystone contributors to California's GOP (people forget or don't think of CA as a gigantic military sprawl), Ron's people over there are going to have a hard, hard fight.

There are also tons of active duty

and former military like myself in California. Who do they generally support?

Dont even trip...

We here in CA aren't shy to take on BS people, Los Angeles is a tough city and the people here are resilient we want peace we want freedom and we want it NOW!

Talk is cheap...

you better get your meetup group on it! Stir up a thousand people to attend, and when Paul gets snubbed, stage a revolt against the event. That'll get the GOP's attention as well as the rest of the registered republicans.

Plan NoW!

LOL are you accusing me of Rick Perry-ing you ?

Im on it i have a whole community of armenian youth with me i taught them about the message of liberty and they're excited, im working for this every chance i get! i hate losing when everything's on the line


Be sure and keep it civil, keep it peaceful, and don't litter!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

A revolt--meaning, if they

A revolt--meaning, if they won't allow Ron Paul in the convention or they won't sell tix for Ron Paul in the straw poll then hundreds of RonPaulers have to make their voice heard in protest.

I cant wait!!!!!!

Representing the west coast! and los angeles here! bachmann doesnt stand a chance in CA neither does anyone eles against gays and peace! RP will blow up in CA ! especially the drug laws and personal liberties which plague this great state! I'm excited and will definitely attend to support my man! I hope i get to meet him shake his hand and give him a gift for inspiring me to save this country!

Caution ?????

The wording from this new member poster has an eerie ring to it.
If I'm wrong I'm truly sorry but this feels to me like it needs to be scrutinized more closely.

reedr3v's picture

I've noticed his name for a while, and I

definitely welcome his good spirit!

I guess I must be getting

I guess I must be getting paranoid....nevertheless, I hope Ron Paul has body guards when he travels.