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The Birthday Bomb: The Beginning Of Something Special? Or The Beginning Of The End?

The Birthday Bomb is set to go off at midnight August 20th.

It's a cute name for a moneybomb, but don't let to cute name fool you. For the Ron Paul campaign, this moneybomb means everything. This is what it has come down to for the campaign and for us....One Time, One Bomb. The name of the bomb should be "The Now Or Never Bomb". Because if we fail here, and raise money only in the hundreds of thousands, this will be the beginning of the end for the campaign.

The beginning of the 2012 cycle truly begins in September. From September through December candidates will flood the early caucus and primary states with advertising and setting up and organizing troops on the ground. Millions upon millions upon millions will be spent in doing this. Romney, Bachmann and Perry are going to be spending obscene amounts of cash.

After Ames, Paul has..maybe 2.5-3 million to spend. That is nowhere near enough. If we fail on Saturday to take advantage of our success in Ames and what Jon Stewart did for us....it will be over for us in the blink of an eye. Do not doubt it. We must keep the momentum moving forward. A huge moneybomb Saturday will mean great press. We simply can't choke and blow this opportunity we have before us.

I know times are tough for many of us. But like I've said before, if you believe in Ron Paul and his message then do whatever you have to to help him be successful. If this means you have to sacrifice to do so...then so be it.

My mom is 70 years old and on a fixed income. She has only $17 dollars til the end of the month. But she's going to donate to the bomb this Saturday. How is she going to do it? She's going to borrow the money from a friend. How many people here on DailyPaul who have posted that they can't donate because things are tight have asked to borrow money so they could donate?? Is it a nice position to be in...to have to borrow from someone to donate? No, its not. But if it needs to be done,so be it. So, you owe someone 20 or 40 bucks...big deal. It wont kill you. Swallow your pride and borrow money if you don't have anything to donate. This is what I mean by sacrifice....do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Yesterday, I received a letter from the IRS saying that they're going to start the process of seizing what little property I own if I don't pay up in full what I owe them. We had a check all written out, but then I found out about the Birthday Bomb. I ripped up the check and wrote out a new one for a lower amount....so I could donate on the 20th. I'm not looking for kudos or compliments for doing this. That's not the point at all. I did what needed to be done. That's it. You don't commend someone for doing what's needed or expected of them. Sacrifice....its all about sacrifice and what you're willing to do to accomplish your goal.

You have to look at this as a war. We are up against the political establishment and the media. This moneybomb is a battle in this war. Ron Paul is our General and he has called us to arms this Saturday. What will you tell him? "Sorry General Paul, I believe in you and I want to go to war with you...but I don't have any bullets. I'll catch you later for the next battle". NOOOOOOO!!! If you're about to go to battle and you don't have any ammo....you need to go around to your buddies and ask to borrow ammo....so you can fight!!! That's what you do!!!!

If you need to borrow to donate, look on the bright side.... You are borrowing from peter to pay paul....Ron Paul that is!! ;)

I hope Paul supporters sacrifice and do what needs to be done on Saturday. I would hate to see this end way too soon.

Donate...sacrifice...do what needs to be done. Like I've been saying for months.....if we go down...let's go down gun's blazing!!!

God Bless all you Ron Paul Patriots.



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Great attitude about doing what needs to be done,

however, I don't agree with you about if we "raise money only in the hundreds of thousands, this will be the beginning of the end for the campaign."

There is NO stopping the campaign. It didn't stop last time, and it won't stop this time...it is continuing to grow. The time is right and the idea of liberty will not be stopped, especially not by one under-performing money bomb.

That said...donate away!!! Because I good showing is just mud slung in the opposition's eye :)


Defend Liberty, for Liberty
Vote for President Ron Paul 2012

Wow....What A Jump In Pledge Totals!!!

At 7:30p.m....money pledged total was around 340,000 or so. At 12:50 a.m.....total moey pledged was 972,000!!!!

That's what I'm talking about!! Woohoo.....keep it up people!!!


Almost SEVEN MILLION??? Really?

No, not really. Sadly. Apparently someone is spamming the

pledge site.

The ticker has stopped it got so absurd.

I think we should make it backfire though. I say - as much as possible, we double down. If not for the money bomb itself - then for a duplicate donation next weekend. The money is still early and while it would be wonderful to put it all in on Saturday, some people just absolutely have to wait till the next paycheck.

This move, like the media ignoring us, should not make us timid or distraught. It should make us more resolved.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then..."

Dig deep my friends. It's now

Dig deep my friends. It's now or never. No one likes regrets.
If you want the revolution to be bloodless, give money now, so you don't have to give flesh later.

You're My Kind Of Gal Liberty........

" Now or never"..."Give flesh later"...."Revolution".......

Ah...there's nothing more attractive than a Revolutionary Woman...makes me weak in the knees! ;)



I'M IN FOR $76


....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

***wants are unlimited, means are scarce...***

I sold all my old jewelry

I sold all my old jewelry from discarded boyfriends today:
amount to pledge: $500.00 !!!!!!

hahaha.. thats funny..

hahaha.. thats funny..

Well said

Thanks for posting this ZMAN. I'm not totally sure why, but I too feel like this is the turning in the campaign. The combination of the Jon Stewart video, the Ames straw poll results, and the new NH and IA polls have hopefully piqued voter's interest and started to make them reconsider their preconceived notions that Ron Paul can't win. I think their radars are at least up and something like reports of a multiple million money bomb could convince those doubters once and for all. Also a fair amount of writers and people like Jon Stewart have cried foul against the media even if they dont agree with his positions. The MSM will not be able to get away without reporting a multimillion dollar money bomb, not to mention the campaign will be able to spend on the kick ass tv ads. Finally, we desperately need new donors to hit the really big fundraising numbers later in the year.

Appreciate the hard sell

but the outcome of a single money bomb won't stop the wave.

My monthly beer fund ($120) went to Ron via snail mail this morn.

Sorry VR......

But it's all about the cash.

According to your logic, a bad outcome of a single moneybomb won't stop the wave.....right?

But if you have a wave, then you shouldn't have a bad outcome to a moneybomb...right?

Bottom line VR.....its all about the cash. Since Ron announced, he's been talking about early money...early money....early money. He knows its going to take a ton of moneyy to pull this off.

The moneybombs so far have been lackluster...at best. And all I've read here have been excuses...."The economy is worse now than it was in 07-08"...."People arent interested yet"...."The 4.5 million we raised so far is good enough"..."I haven't donated yet because I'm waiting to see what the campaign does"......and my favorite...and most dangerous..."It's early yet..we still have plenty of time"

Well, let me tell you something....it's getting late..very fast. The Presidential cycle starts in September. And guess what...we have about 2.5 million on hand....and for Presidential campaigns....that's nothing....it's a drop in the bucket. We raised how much last cycle? 28 million? What did that get us? We must raise much more than we did last time to have a shot.

And how many moneyombs do you think we have left. We got one coming up on Saturday. Superbomb in September. November and December Bombs are definites. That's four. Throw one more in for January....and that's five. Then its primary time....just like that.

5 Moneybombs VR. That's all we have left before the primaries. Don't kid yourself thinking that we can do more than that....people here bitch and moan that we've had too many already...lol.

I'm not doing a hard sell....I'm trying to give people here a dose of reality. I understand there are many young people here....and they don't understand how the presidential cycle works....because they haven't lived through many of them....or they weren't active in politics.

But make no mistake.....Saturday's bomb is huge. It will set the tone. It needs to be a success. The time for excuses is over....its now put up or shut up time.

Better wake up quick people.

You're right

Strike while the irons hot!

Since 7;30 p.m..........

In three and a half hours....600 more people have pledged..... Bringing our pledge total to over 6,000. I would love to see our pledges over 10,000 by the time the Birthday Bomb explodes!!!

Keep it up people....keep spreading the word!!! We have 25 hours left....tell everyone you know...facebook, twitter....send it to everyone on your email list. Ask those on your email list to send it the all the people on their lists......

Let's go everyone....do whatever you can!!!!

OK a question.

I can't actually send a donation til Monday. If I pedge, will that still count?

Formerly rprevolutionist

Hey RP...

It will go towards the pledge count and pledge ticker....but not towards the moneybomb itself.

Hey, depending on what you want to donate, any chance you can borrow the money from a friend/ family/ or co-worker? Just tell the person you will pay them back Monday. :)

Worse case scenarion...the campaign will have your money...two days later.


I will check with a few friends for a loan. I want to do all I can to get our man in the Whitehouse! At this point all I can afford is $50, but that's better than $0, right?

Formerly rprevolutionist

Yeah RP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

That's what I'm talking about!!! $50 is way better than zero my man!!!

I love it!! You believe in Ron...and you're willing to go the extra mile to help Ron out!! You are willing to do what it takes. I freaking love that attitude!! It gets me pumped up!!

That's the Spirit RP!! I hope others who are in the same position that you're in, will follow your lead!!!

I think I understand the argument that you're presenting...

but it seems like your argument is "every money bomb must be in the multi-M's or the media will kill us about that"

I'm not 100% that such a media attack (and it would probably happen to a degree) would just murder Ron's campaign. This is given in an environment were people who choose to stick with Ron Paul are already 500% aware that the media is against them, and, in an environment where we are already in a recession by some standards.

That said, I do agree that money bombs need to be well timed and coordinated from only one source and I do believe that RP2012 is aware of that also.

Hey OnWard...

"""but it seems like your argument is "every money bomb must be in the multi-M's or the media will kill us about that"""

Uh...I think you need to re-read my post. That's not my argument at all. While it would be great if all moneybombs were multi-million ones.....this Birthday Bomb is special.

This Birthday Bomb is perfectly timed....right after Ames. Add to that "the Jon Stewart" moment.....and we have lots of momentum going our way....we need to keep the momentum going. We can't miss out on this opportunity.

And it's not the media I'm worried about...not at all. September is the beginning of the cycle for the primaries. We need to do well with this birthday bomb....1)We need the cash to keep up with the others...especially Romney..2) to keep momentum going....because if we can keep the momentum moving forward....it becomes like a snowball rolling downhill....it gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

It's all about Cash and Momentum....and it starts this Saturday!!

Oh okay, I had read your part about her only having a little bit

of money as hinting that we should only have fewer bombs for people to save up for, and then I myself took that as meaning "our bombs need to be really big" and all that.

Look I think this bomb will do well, but I don't see ~$350,000 pledged as a particularly stellar beginning. I agree this bomb needs to get viral now.

Also the title of this thread was really Doom-y so I guess I just read my own conclusions into this.


I don't think the title of thread is that doom-y. It's a 50-50 mix kind of title....part hope..."Something special"...part doom-y..."Beginning of the end".....

How it turns out...hope or doom...I guess it's up to us.

As for the pledges...yeah...350,000 is not great....but its not too bad considering this was done on very short notice.

There are 5000 or so pledge...once again..not bad considering the short notice...but we still have 28 hours to spread the word.

I remember seeing pledges for the big Bombs in 2007... 20,000 +.....but 5000 is a start. And its the most pledges i've seen for a bomb in a long time. Once again...we still have 28 hours to get the word out.

Weell if it makes u happy, I

Weell if it makes u happy, I am going to donate but not pledge. Don't ask me why..just don't feel like it..lol

Hey Crickett......

duplicate post

Hey Crickett......

Of course, it's your choice. Nobody can force you to donate.

But I'm a big advocate for pledging. Like the money ticker itself, people get excited watching the money total grow.

The pledge ticker works kind of the same way. People get excited when the see the number of people pledging...it helps create/ or make a buzz stronger. Also, I remember there being news coverage for one of the big bombs...coverage about the pledges leading up to the bomb. Anyway to get news coverage that promotes a bomb, is always a good thing in my book.

So no...I'm not happy that you're not pledging.....I'm absolutely furious!!! (Just kidding) ;)

Hey Crickett......

duplicate post

Hey Crickett......

duplicate post

Ron Paul supporters always come through

Ron Paul supporters always come through and exceed expectations.

Don't worry.

Hey Fallon....

I like your positive attitude Fallon. You're the kind of person I wouldnt mind going to war with. You're a "keep the spirits high" kind of person. I like that.

5,451 Pledges...For 328,000 Dollars So Far ............

Getting better, but much more work needs to be done in the next 28 hours. Get the word out people!!