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Help Ron Paul win comic book straw poll

"This week, BOOM! Studios announced an innovative "straw poll" of its own, a series of biographical comics featuring Obama and top members of the GOP field with the winner being determined by whichever comic receives the most pre-orders."

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Pre-order Ron Paul's comic book here:
Or pre-order at your local comic shop.

You can help solidify Ron Paul's front-runner status plus you get to have a Ron Paul comic book! It appears you can order as many as you want and they will all count as a separate "vote". Hand them out as campaign material!

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I actually registered an account (finally) with the Daily Paul for the sole purpose of posting this. I'm glad somebody had already noticed. Its a damn cool idea and should be pushed.

I also wonder how many people have voted for Paul already.


An RP comic seems pretty sweet. I picked up 2. One for me and one for my good friend. Together, we will take Seattle residents by storm. This will be my motivator to him to hand out flyers with me.



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