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Is Obama About To Commit America To War With Syria?

Is Obama About To Commit America To War With Syria?


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When a country tells the leader of another country to leave,

that's pretty much a declaration of war.

Undo what Wilson did

How many countries do we

How many countries do we attack before it is considered a world war. How soon before China and Russia say enough and retaliate?
How many illegal wars and occupations are we now involved? Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lybia, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, who am I forgetting??
No wonder we are hated so much! The government and MIC have made us the aggressor. I hope people in other nations can see that is is not we the people that are doing this! If not... well I think we will see a lot of blood shed in this country.
We so need Ron Paul, a noninterventionist to get us on the right track!

Formerly rprevolutionist

Perhaps. Raising the debt ceiling takes collateral or service.

How many times has raising the debt ceiling been paid for with American blood?

Free includes debt-free!

will people stand for this too ?

this is madness