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The Launching of RevoluTimes

An ambitious project to challenge the mainstream media.

>>> http://www.revolutimes.com/

Victory is possible. Not just symbolic victory. Not merely the spread of ideas or intellectual influence or philosophical victory.

Actual electoral victory for President Ron Paul.

Forget the polls and the pundits. They’ve been wrong before and they’ll be wrong again...

...Not one person in the mainstream establishment can think in terms of grassroots energy, decentralized dynamics, and people-powered revolutions from the bottom up.

But as two experienced activists, we can. We know what our movement is capable of.

And we can chart a clear path from here to Victory in 2012.

Ron Paul can win. Here’s how...

Read on and explore this new project:

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From another designers perspective.

1st - The grid work is pretty clean, not bad at all

A few things I would change.

1) Slider is extremely large, I would reduce it in height about 50% and split it between two images or a central focused Image and two halves on the outside of the dominant image.
2) The leading on your paragraphs should be reduced.
3) Content font should be reduced in size say 2 points.

I could likely go into much more detail but that is just the major things that I noticed on casual inspection.

Overall not bad I look forward to seeing it develop.

The Abuse of Greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power. - Shakespeare

What other candidate inspires fearless entrepreneurial activity?

I'm part of the RevoluTimes team and the skills and talents coming together here have endless potential. Together, this is a campaign for media dominance that the liberty movement can win.

The website looks good and

The website looks good and has been bookmarked.

Solid website...

Solid website...