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Other Republican Candidates Ride Ron Paul's Anti-Fed Bandwagon

Texas Rep. Ron Paul has distinguished himself among Republicans in recent years by calling for elimination of the Federal Reserve. But now others are joining in with attacks on the Fed, The Hill reports.

Ron Paul, Fed, Bachmann, PerryAmong the most prominent Fed critics are two of Paul’s fellow presidential candidates: Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Perry launched an incendiary broadside against Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke this week, saying it would be “almost treasonous” for the central bank to ease monetary policy further and that Texans would be happy to “treat him ugly” for doing so.

Perry argued that the Fed’s massive money supply expansion has debased the dollar. Bachmann has similarly blasted the Fed for “terrible, grievous errors” in policy.

And how does Paul view other Republicans jumping on the anti-Fed bandwagon?

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