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2008 Primary: What happened in New Hampshire?

Why was New Hampshire such a disappointment in 2008?

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He wasn't allowed in the debate....

and there was obvious voter fraud. See blackboxvoting.org for the tale of NH: the 2 guys in the white paneled ballot box collection van and the office where the ballot boxes (with post-it type tape seals) were stored. Bonus was the doors were also "sealed" with post-it style masking tape. :P

Lots of video footage was taken, if I remember correctly.


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No TV ad!

I remember...compare lol ..

"he is caching up", search for that youtube

thank you the other poster below to remind how he was excluded from the debate!

those MSM channels loose credibility instantaneously these days, look at Ames, ...and the blow back...

he can't be excluded from an debate anymore!

we have everything, now HAPPY B-DAY RON! and thanks for giving your life to the cause, many of us just discovered!

Timing is everything.

Last election Ron was also working on a congressional run to defend his seat. The media played its role but back then people were really just coming into the movement, sign waving and chat room talks where the main activism and support, basically no one was in place to do what needed to be done in NH. Sure the people that were there did a good job and worked hard but Ron needed more people. This time he had a couple years to lay the foundation, get the people on the ground. It is all about delegates and most supporters didn't know the process until later in the 2008 election. Now we know the process and lets hope the good people of NH come through for the good Doctor and his supporters get into the delegate process. Basically last time there was support from people but not much direction or structure, this time he has support and those supporters have direction and structure. Back then we didn't understand what it took to win the primaries, today we do.

Several things: 1. Getting

Several things:

1. Getting excluded from the debate leading up to the primary

2. Getting only 10% in Iowa

3. It's a primary, not a caucus, thus there are more "drones" for other candidates

4. Wasn't a 'serious' candidate like this time because he never expected he could win. (he does now)

5. Media rarely mentioning him.

This time will be different.

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A huge

part of it was the media. If i remember right they only mentioned Paul a few times compared to the rest at around 90,000 times in the 2 weeks leading up to the primary. I think it was Jerry Day that showed that but I could be wrong. The powers that be.....

I'm curious too...I was still

I'm curious too...I was still a neocon at that point...