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'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

The following is a conversation I had on Facebook this evening. I assumed this guy was a Paul supporter because of a picture on his profile of Ronald Reagan. I got a kick out of it because as you can see, the guy is sharp. He didnt bash Paul, but instead came from a genuine point of view. Like alot of my family (military folks), this guy shares the same point of view. Lately, my approach to tying our defense to our economy has swayed a couple members of my family to look a little harder at Ron Paul. I hope that I swayed him too. Any feedback to help me fine tune this defense is appreciated.



Ummmmm. I think he's what we call a good idea man. Unfortunately I don't think he's got the chops to lead the free world, but I'd definitely kick the shit out of Bern-yank-me, and replace him with Paul. Paul has his head on straight as far as fiscal policy goes, but he lives in a fantasy world as it goes toward foreign policy and defense.

If we were living in the 18th century, then just maybe I'd buy into what he is talking, but we don't. We live in today's world where there are a LOT of folks who want to fuck us up around every corner, and it has NOTHING to do with the fact that we are in lands they claim to be theirs, or their brethren, or the fact that we until the last couple of years have stood by Israel. In the real word we participate in a globalized economic commerce cycle. Our trade depends greatly on free and clear shipping lanes, and our successful negotiating and execution of trade with partners around the world depends on regional stability. Where we want trade, we have a vital economic and by that very nature a security interest. The two cannot be separated in the modern world.

If we revert to a policy of isolationism, we can count on getting our noses bloodied routinely in all corners of the world. I'm not spouting this as a frikking member of the brainwashed, cool aid drinking, Republican establishment. I cite this as absolute fact. the knowledge of which has been gained by a career spent studying and living operational and strategic thought. Can we do things differently? certainly. Can we gut the mlitary and bring everyone home and shut down all our missons in foreign lands (not to include Iraq and Afghanistan)? Only if we are fools.

No I'm not a Ron Paul supporter. It's too early to pick a candidate for me. Contrary to the party line, there is NOT a lot of talent or wealth of good candidates. In my book though, Ron Paul is not on the short list of those who I consider good candidates for two very important reasons. One, if you can watch him in the movie Bruno and come away saying this is not an very old, easily confused, fella, you are fooling yourself or just plain refusing to see the truth. Two, anyone who says that an Iran with a nuke is not a threat, or any nation that has stated the intent to use one openly on one of our allies or us without provocation, has no business as commander in chief. I am quite oen to your criticism on these points. However, I feel that you will have a very difficult time refuting the facts here.

Anyhow, to each his own. I am all for folks supporting him. I just think the effort in the long run will have been wasted. If he has done anything though, he has certainly moved to the forefront the fiscal conversations that have been glossed over and kicked down the road for too long. And for that I commend Dr. Paul.



You actually wrote an intelligent message, minus the namecalling. Its a great point of view. I understand your point of view and see Paul in a little different light. Ron Paul is not a soundbyte candidate. Check out two books by him if you really want to know where he stands. 'Liberty: Defined' and 'End the Fed'.

To me, I agree with Paul. Regardless if we have had enemies or have enemies we can point at our foreign policy going back to 1953 that has pigeonholed us into this position. I support our troops. We cannot sustain the path we are on. It will be much smarter and safer to soften our military footprint than to hit the gas. We are so far in debt that we are approaching a cliff. If we continue down this path we will go the way of the soviets. I am all for defense. We are the most powerful nation on earth. But we fell for Bin Ladens trap. He wrote that he would attack us to bring us to their sands and bankrupt us like they did the soviets. Im not making this up. Its in the 9/11 commission report. Micheal Schuerer was head of the Bin Laden unit and has said it over and over again.

Ronald Reagan pulled troops out of Lebanon. Smart move. Imagine if he wasnt strong enough to realize who he was dealing with. In his memoirs he wrote that he wouldnt turn tail and run. But after the bombing said he didnt understand the irrationality of middle eastern politics. He was smart enough to leave before a real war started.

The middle east has fought for 3000 years. They have been there for 3000 years. The way they see it.. its just at matter of time before we are kicked out of their lands... just like every other empire for 3000 years. The path we are on is unsustainable. When was the last time Iran attacked another neighbor? They cant even fight a war unless we invade. I mean really.. they cant even refine enough gasoline to support themselves. They would risk nuclear war?? Really??? Would the Iranian government rattle the sabors maybe because we have them surrounded with wars?

We have enemies that want to kill us.. but this crazy ass foreign policy that has us bombing 6 countries may be a reason why. Obama snubbed the entire country on Libya. Its insanity.

I am all for national defense. We need to worry about the borders here and not in syria or libya.

The greatest threat to our country is our economy imploding. If we are broke.. we cant afford the defense of our land here. All those shipping lines will come in and take whats left of our economy. The soviet system collapsed because they couldnt afford all the guns and butter.

The Patriot Act is equally dangerous. If the system collapses, the government has the tools it needs to round up the dissidents. Its happened in America numerous times. Even Lincoln did it. That combination is a very dangerous path. Perpetual war, loss of rule of law and an economy imploding.

A belief in free people and our Constitution can put us on the track to greatness again. The only person that has that belief and conviction is Ron Paul. It is exactly why I support him. America is the greatest nation on earth not because we can blow things up. We are great because we are free.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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