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WH Orders 5% Across-the-Board Spending Cuts: Ron Paul Wins

The White House is quietly ordering these budget cuts while Obama is vacationing at Martha's Vineyard. A smaller government is coming of necessity, as predicted for years by Ron Paul. RP should make some political hay out of this disclosure by the Obama regime. Ron Paul is right, the only candidate to call for such cuts.

White House orders agencies to cut their budgets
White House tells federal agencies to propose budget cuts of 10 percent or more for 2013

Alan Fram, On Friday August 19, 2011, 7:55 am EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) -- It's a microcosm of the budget battling that has consumed Congress all year: The Obama administration wants federal agencies to save money while Republicans push for additional savings to take a substantial bite out of the government's towering pile of IOUs.

White House budget chief Jacob Lew has ordered agency heads to submit spending plans for the upcoming budget at least 5 percent below this year's levels. He also wants them to propose ways to trim a total of at least 10 percent of their spending.

Michael Steel, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Thursday that Lew's directive was a good way to start finding spending cuts that are required under the recent debt-ceiling agreement between the two sides.

"But the White House must get serious about real structural reform of our entitlement programs if we're going to get our debt under control to help our economy grow and create jobs," Steel said, referring to huge and fast-growing benefit programs like Social Security and Medicare that help drive annual deficits skyward.

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Really, from "present levels" means what exactly?

If one defines present levels to mean how much we spent this year and what we normally would project to spend next year - aka baseline budgeting, then a 5% cut may very well still be an increase.

Also, the "look for ways to cut 10%" has no definite time frame. That could be the proverbial "over 10 years" BS they normally give us.

Anyone serious about cuts will implement them immediately, starting with a freeze.

This is pandering - that is all.

Across the board? I wonder

Across the board? I wonder which departments were actually asked to "propose" these cuts..and he not taking action..just asking others to do it for him. Bring troops Home.

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Right. They didn't say "all," but they didn't say "some" either.

We'll see Crickett if they are using the "Newspeak" dictionary or not.

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I wish. He only ordered agencies to look for ways to cut.

Don't be fooled. This is electioneering BS. If the President intended to make cuts he would do as the title suggests and simply order across the board cuts effective as of today.

Undo what Wilson did

If it wasn't for Michele

If it wasn't for Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry these cuts would have never taken place! One of them should be the president!

Are you kidding or trolling?

Are you kidding or trolling?

C'mon, it's a joke!

He's kidding!
Perry, Bachman and Palin are all trying to "become" Ron Paul.
Over the last few days, Perry has made statements about quantitive easing, the FED and printing more money, and Palin has reiterated, both trying to sound like they were the first ones to draw these conclusions. The media has responded with a bunch of 'Perry's right"/"Sara's right" stories trying to make it sound like they have some economic credentials, while never mentioning that Paul's the one that spent 3 decades pushing such issues to the forefront.


JFEF provides as much evidence as the OP of RP's win

It could have been RP or a combination of candidates or the Tea Party, etc. that caused Obama to give lip service to cutting spending...and it was only lip service.

But there is no evidence as to why Obama did it.

So to say that RP, or Bachmann/Perry is the reason is like Charlie Sheen saying "Winning!"

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"there is no evidence as to why Obama did it."

The answer is because he and Congress are both away on vacation. Obama likes to do things like this as well as start new wars (Libya) while he is out of town.

Isn't Ron Paul the only candidate who adheres to decreasing the size of government? Now Obama is doing just that. Whether these cuts get implemented or not is another story, but the fact that the down sizing process has started as that this was ordered by Obama is the story. This is what Ron Paul has been saying all along.

Quite right.

The only evidence is that it s happening.

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Meaning what?

Are you being sarcastic?