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Got the moneybomb on the front page of r/politics, can you help?

upvote the Ron Paul Birthday Bomb!

Get your friends to upvote!

Front page of reddit.com in 6 hours could help raise hundreds of thousands.

My first submissions were rejected because I was trying to mention that the MSM would rather you ignore him.

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Story fell onto the second

Story fell onto the second page. If a bunch of you go upvote now, we can get it back onto the front page.
I am sorry I cannot edit anything about the story.

Change the title to *Today*

Change the title to *Today*

This is a must...good call.

This is a must...good call.

While you're at it

there are two other Ron Paul stories on the front page you might consider voting up.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


I've been reading /politics these past few days, and I'm sure you noticed too, Ron Paul is being taken more seriously on reddit, especially after the Iowa Ames event. The anti-Ron Paul trolls are drowning, and the issues are being debated more seriously. It's great to watch.

I can't legally donate to the campaign, but I sure as hell can support in infinite other ways.

#6 at 251 points. I think it might have peaked but that's no small result considering the conditions. I hope I'm very wrong.

Good work! Good luck!

truth liberate

#6 Lets keep pushing this so

#6 Lets keep pushing this so it is on the front page in the morning!

I signed up to vote on it

I don't like to sign up for things, but your motivation made me bite the bullet. Keep up the great work!!!! Onward and upward, +1.

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The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Vote this up so we can spread the message

We need more people from the Daily Paul to see this and vote on Reddit, so vote this article up. Exposing this to Reddit could blow this money bomb up.


149 =D

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

DIgg This


We had over 4000 diggs for the tea party in 07 and we all know how well that money bomb went lets make this big


I just signed up to Reddit to help. Forgive my ignorance, but how does a subject move up in position? The votes don't correspond to ranking.

some crazy algorithm that

some crazy algorithm that includes time, upvotes/downvotes and comments and their upvotes/downvotes...

I gave it a bump, too, but

did you read that article at the top about Michele Bachmann? WOW!!!!

Looks like I'm going to reddit

to help a bit.

I dont reddit but here is a

I dont reddit but here is a bump.

#12 with 76 upvotes!

#12 with 76 upvotes!

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I just gave it a bump. Other redditors / redditers around here?

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I joined

redditt a short while ago to help out when I can. I don't know how it works, though.
Anyway, there are now 94 thumbs up. I don't know how to determine what rank it is, however.

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#18 on the front page of r/politics!

We are moving up! Front page reddit.com here we come!

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bump, thanks


Darn right we can help

Good job !!

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now call a radio program!

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