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RP challenges Status Quo to Bike Race in Houston Heat!!

Anyone who's ever experienced "Houston, Texas heat" knows that it aint pretty. The air is so hot and sticky, you could cut it with a knife.
When his "age" was mentioned recently in NH, he responded with a 20 mile bike race challenge, in 100 degree heat!!


(Thanks Thomas)

Side note: In some countries like China and India (who happen to be kicking our tails financially, and educationally) age is revered, not mocked.

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I'd like to go electric longboarding with Ron Paul

any old time...


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Correction on the sidenote. It's not "some" but nearly...

ALL cultures of the Old (pun unintended) World, most noteworthy in the Asian culture (am part of it) respect and venerate age...we look upon elders for wisdom, advice and experience.


Chairman Mao swam across the Yangtze River when he was 73.

"It was a signal that Mao was in robust health--and that he was launching a counterattack against his critics in the party leadership." -Time

"The reported event was a masterpiece by showing that Mao, then 73, was strong and was a force to be reckoned with. It helped provide further rapport with China’s youth, for his forthcoming Cultural Revolution." -theawakeneddragon.blogspot.com

Facts that should be made available to Ron Paul's ageist critics:

Some younger politicians have to use teleprompters and aren't up to making 48" speeches wihtout notes like RP did couple of days ago.

Carol Paul said that RP has the same waist size he had when he won a State high school track event in PA.

ecorob's picture

the only one young enough to try is...

obummer, and he smokes a pack of cigarettes a day!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Just make sure it's a FORWARD race!

The status quo has MUCH more experience in back-peddling!


Hah! Good one.

Got a snicker out of me :)

I want to see him on his bike

I want to see him on his bike in a commercial. Maybe jogging too. Put the age thing to rest once and for all.

There's no way

I could go 20 miles in 100 degree heat and I'm 21! I think Ron should do it anyway, so that if he is asked that stupid question again, he can point out what his capable of! It would be a good campaign promotion too- the media might actually report it because it's not too deep.

Great Stuff

I do not think anyone will take him on it in the US race. Perhaps, Putin would lol

Is most of it travelling westward? ;)


No, Gary Johnson probably would.

Interesting that the two libertarians are the most physically fit.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Yes Johnson,

Good point, but I bet many are still looking for that strong endorsement by Johnson for RP after his nice speech at the Rally for the Republic. I am confident when he drops he will give a beautiful ringing endorsement. Who knows maybe he will stick with it all the way to the election so he will not have the opportunity to endorse RP?


I Love It

the oldest candidate running has the youngest ideas for the country. the oldest candidate running is the best shape of all the others.

Ride Ron Ride!

Ride On!

His presence there was...

... really good. He seemed relaxed and had clear answers, tied in with a bit of humor.

I believe independent voters that don't know him and aren't as fired up can resonate with that style.

A Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty Triathlon Fund Raiser..WOW!

I think this is do - able...

Lets see how much response we can generate..Maybe someone can post on Ron Paul 2012 forums..

Just a thought..

Just don't let Ron Paul in it

When he wins it will be just one more time they report on who came in second. And it will make everyone feel inferior which is not his goal.

Charity triathlon

Ron ought to pick a charity triathlon in Texas and challenge Perry and the others to compete with him, partly to show who's youngest, but also to see which candidate can inspire the most people to participate and raise money for some worthy cause.

"and we'll see who's the youngest."

love that swagger, Ron
slang translation: F@#! with me on age guys and I'll directly challenge your -ss.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

The greatest thing.....

about Ron Paul making that statement is that it's not just TALK!
He can make the challenge because he does it regularly!
Ron Paul can talk the talk because he walks the walk.....in this case, puts the rubber to the road!

Ron Paul! A real man (stud) for President!

hee hee....stud! I was telling my 30 yr old son about this

bike challenge, and how I had seen a picture of Dr. Paul swimming with his grandkids...and how he was ripped, etc. Well, my son says it sounds like I've got the HOTS for Ron Paul! HAHAHAHAHA....no worries, Carol--you lucky gal!

I often think that too

that I probably sound like I've got the hots for him. :) I'll also talk about how cute he was when he was younger (you know, that military photo of him). And to make matters worse, I think Christina Aguilera's song "Ain't No Other Man" almost applies to him. ;) If only he were [quite] a bit younger and single! ;) You're right, Carol is a lucky woman. Well, I think she picked him actually, so she's a smart woman. :)

Smart and Lucky =)

Smart because they've been married so long, he's still a great looking man, he's provided for her and their children, and everyone...even his detractors respect him.

Lucky because he actually loves her...still even.

God Bless them both!

The Mans A "Roadrunner"...Meep, Meep...Lol

Ron can do it all. I don't know what his flaws are? Do you? A Studley "Do Right."

He says

his weakness is homemade chocolate chip cookies. :)

Resident of The Woodlands, TX...

...I live just 30 miles north of Houston, and I can confirm that any exercise done outside in summer takes endurance and strength. Dr. Paul looks to be in great physical shape, and I've no doubt he could match or exceed the athletic performance of his rivals in a cycling race. What a champion!

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Paul was a track star

now a rock star


lol, 20 miles @ 100°F ?! :p

I'm five decades younger, and I don't think i could do that :')

I regularly do 35 - 45 mile

I regularly do 35 - 45 mile bike rides in 85 degree weather and I'm only two decades younger than Ron Paul. (We don't get much 100 degree weather here.) I'd love to do a 20 mile 100 degree ride with Ron Paul (and plenty of water) but I won't be anywhere near Houston.

I could

barely do it when I was 16.
And that was in cool dry air, which is much easier than Houston heat and humidity...8)

If RP were an animal you just happened to catch in the wild to eat, he would taste gritty, stringy, and gamey. Like a wild boar. Tough as nails.

On that same line of thinking.....

what would a Newt taste like.
Mmmm cheers!



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