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Houston Chronicle: Perry vs. Paul: 2 very different Texans want same job

Excellent piece, mostly:

WASHINGTON - While Texas' tough-talking governor soaks up the media spotlight, it's the cerebral Ron Paul who plugs away as the outsiders' outsider in the 2012 presidential campaign.

The 75-year-old congressman from Lake Jackson with the message of less government and more liberty has quietly built the largest grass-roots network in the Republican field, far larger than the team thus far assembled by his home state's governor.

Read the rest: http://www.chron.com/news/politics/article/Perry-vs-Paul-2-v...

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Yea, a politician vs a

Yea, a politician vs a statesman.

Perry Failing, .Palin Standing by, Ron Paul winning the debates

The dumb as a handful of rocks, Rick Perry is not going to fill the bill for "The Establishment" because he cannot articulate anything that he wants to make sense. I don't know for the life of me how in Gods name this stupid SOB got elected governor of Texas. Are the people of Texas as stupid as he is?

Even St. Sarah Palin falls to expand outside of the Conservative box. She doesn't appeal to independents and progressive democrats who value civil liberties.

Additionally, she isn't very cerebral and definitely doesn't understand economic or foreign policy, thus, she is unable to lead a country..

Then, There is Ron Paul...


Although this a very positive story, the characterization of DR. Paul in the title is inaccurate. Gov. Perry may want the job as president, but Dr. Paul is compelled to seek the presidency by a large and growing grassroots liberty seeking group.

hope for the best

I share those thoughts

You said it all so well - so I will just say "Amen"

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

Front page news....

For those of you that don't live here, it is on the front page top left. This is great coverage for Dr. Paul because everyone that just reads the paper passing by, only gets the first few paragraphs and they are all about Paul. Also the headline is in big print and has Perry vs Paul, so it puts them them as equals in big print.

This is huge for Dr. Paul because it gives him more creditability here.

Outside of Texas, Perry is a

Outside of Texas, Perry is a nobody. Nobody knows anything about him. The media are trying to change that as they pump him up just as they have been pumping Bachmann. Ron Paul is right, Perry is the new George W. Bush. He is one more voice for the status quo.

RON PAUL in 2012!

Apparently, those inside

Apparently, those inside Texas don't know him very well or they stop reelecting him over and over again.

They just have to mention something nobody cares about:

Ron Paul being 75.

In the hopes it will have a negative impact.

I'm so disgusted by these people, it's disgusting...lol

Why don't they mention Gardasil when describing Perry, and all the deaths it has caused? hmmmm?

He knew what was going on. Then to head off the topic, he issues a press release stating he was mislead.

What an establishment deathmachine for profit piece of trash.

RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
"I always win"
+GOLD and SILVER are money+

From the article...

"Presidential scholars say Perry's best strategy would be to avoid engaging with Paul. The reason: he risks a confrontation that would elevate Paul to the top-tier stature Perry now has and could provoke a YouTube moment that Perry later regrets."

So in other words don't go head-to-head with Dr.Paul in a debate because he's right, and he will make you look like a complete fool. This just proves that Dr.Paul, and in essence all of his supporters too, have an uphill battle against the elites calling the shots. Let's keep up the pressure and liberty will prevail!

Remember that Debra Medina

Mopped the stage with perry while KBH looked on. perry is an intellectual midget that does not know anything but what his handlers tell him! Hmmm, sounds JUST like Obama!

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

I suspected that's why he

I suspected that's why he avoided the last debate. Didn't want to lose that golden-boy image at the start once his rhetoric is tested against Ron.

Sad for him, it will come out(if it hasn't already) that he isn't the limited gubmint politican the media make him out to be.

My Posted Comment

Factual corrections: Paul is credited with "launching the movement" but, it was by inspiring his supporters to throw him a Tea Party; he had nothing to do with re-inacting it; this is not a top-down campaign. Additionally, the "Tea Party" or freedom candidate in the governors' race was not Perry, but Debra Medina--she had an electrified following from coast to coast. Perry, in both cases, simply parrots some of their positions, in Medina's case, on the concept of "nullification."

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I sent this one to the author:

Dear Mr. Dunham,

I enjoyed your article regarding Governor Perry and Congressman Paul on chron.com. I thought it was well-written and astute. I wanted to comment on the remarks of the political science professors. I am a university professor, myself, but in Jazz Studies and not political science (we in Jazz Studies know much more about freedom than those in political science).

I found it curious that Professor Edwards remarked that he doesn't think many people listen to Ron Paul outside of the libertarian fringe. The Iowa Straw Poll would suggest otherwise, as would Dr. Paul's substantial grass roots support, especially in the wake of the media blackout of Dr. Paul (Pew research study) as well as the misinformation campaign largely led by FoxNews (the oft-parroted line about the "top tier" candidates being Bachmann, Romney, and Perry). The only true anti-war candidate, even when considering democrats, Congressman Paul stands for sound money, individual liberties, and a humble foreign policy. In a time when the economy and unsustainable foreign wars rise to the top of the concerns of most Americans, how is it that the only candidate who has been talking about these things for 30 years isn't being listened to? Dr. Paul warned of these pitfalls before it was popular to do so, even when an overwhelming percentage of Americans and the congress supported the invasion of Iraq.

I also found the advice of Professor Black to be annoying when he said "Perry should ignore him." Perhaps this is good advice from a political standpoint, as we find ourselves in the bizarre situation of a recent candidate with no clear economic expertise and a political record dwarfed by Dr. Paul's consistent 12-term record of voting and remarks. Indeed, Perry could not possibly match Ron Paul's expertise on economic history, processes, or principles, and would no doubt come out of a debate looking silly, clinging to a few broad and inane talking points like the rest of the candidates. However, I write to suggest that in a just world, it should be the other way around. Dr. Paul has demonstrated clear expertise, well reasoned arguments, and is on record talking about these issues for years. Perry is a candidate the media decided to make famous not because of his credentials, but because he "has presidential qualities" -- a nebulous and ridiculous phrase. If either of these two candidates are to be ignored, I suggest it be Governor Perry.

Thank you again for your article.

Excellent !

I bet you he has never received such a well reasoned response to anything that he has ever written. You have given him (and us all here) excellent insights, which I'm sure he will receive in the same good spirit that you wrote to him. Thanks!

Plano TX

I sent the journalist...

... this email:


Thank you for a good story about the two Texans, so very different from each other – the one, the genuine article; the other, the counterfeit.

One point that you could have emphasized seeing you provided insipid input from a Texas A&M professor. Nothing exposes Perry’s naiveté more when it comes truly to understanding limited government than his so-called Enterprise Fund. More to the point, if I recall correctly, Perry used the cover provided by the Enterprise Fund to take $50 million of our taxes and give it to Texas A&M, his alma mater. (Was he trying to bribe the University to change his transcripts?) In the light this egregious misappropriation of public funds, it would be nigh impossible to obtain an objective comment about Perry’s misguided ambitions from an A&M professor.


Plano TX