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voting question.

ive been telling everybody that will listen to me all about ron paul. my son in law is a registered voter in missouri, but the whole family moved back here to kansas last summer. so, he told me a cuppla days ago that he will vote for ron paul cause he agrees with ron's plan to get the military back home. (he's in the national gaurd, and is sposed to be deployed soon.) so- does anyone know if he has to re-register, or is it, once youre registered to vote, you can vote anywhere you are in america? sorry if its a stupid question, but im 51 years old, and never voted in my life. never cared to, cause its always been "one crook after another" in politics. the word politics is actually derived from two words- "poli", meaning many, and "tics", meaning blood-suckers....lol.
also, i signed a petition to get rid of the electoral college, cause another big reason i never voted is that, after the delagates are chosen for the electoral college, they are allowed to vote a free mind when voting for president, which doesnt seem like a fair system as far as our votes actually counting. anyone have any thoughts or insight to share on this matter?
also, ive heard a lot about voter fraud in the last election, hows that work, and is there anything we can do against it in order to insure that ron paul becomes our next president?
i was broke as usual, and had to work 7 1/2 hours on saturday, so right after work, i went out and got two lawn mowing jobs, bought a walmart visa card, and sent 50 bux for ron's birthday money bomb. finally got it sent at 9 pm. did the hacking thing skip any payments, do i need to re-send it? i got a thank you email immediately after contributing, so does that mean it definately went through?
please reply at rmssongs2002@yahoo.com with ron paul answers if you can help me with answers.
thank you.
goodland, kansas

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Don't Diss the Electoral College!

Without the Electoral College, we'd all be dancing to the tune of voters in New York, California, and maybe Illinois. You out in "fly-over country" will never have a voice in a presidential election again.

but no one is answering the question....

so- if the electoral college is good, shouldnt they be required to vote for THE politician that they were sent there for because of the peoples vote? why is it legal for the electors to vote for whomever they feel like voting for? doesnt this detract from the will of the people?

also, what all is required from someone who becomes a delagate? speciffically. what do they do, how often, where at, how long?


ron in 12!

go to the meeting afterward

After you do the primary vote, go to the meeting after the polls close. It's at the same place you vote.
Tell em you want to be a delegate.

The Secretary of State

Check with the elections office in the State in which your Son lives in (I gather that is now Kansas...if I understood correctly). For most States, the Secretary of State handles the elections.

But, I can tell you for sure: If he lives in Kansas now and is planning to vote in Kansas, then he needs to register as a voter in Kansas.

But PLEASE, check with the Secretary of State (or whoever handles elections in your state) for correct information.

And songman727, I sure hope that you are now going to register and vote for Ron Paul yourself :)

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

absolutely voting for ron...

yup, i allready registered a couple of months ago over the net, allready got my card in the mail. and ron gets my vote absolutely, he's the only honest politician i ever heard. ive listened to lots of his vidios on you tube and on this site, and been spreading the word to everyone i can, even have a few people that have decided to vote for ron paul.

so- as for the birthday money bomb, since i got a thank you email, should i assume that the money got to ron even tho we had the hacking incident?

ron in 12!

Yeah, if you got the email you should be fine

Plus the campaign also stated that the hacker didn't have the ability to compromise data/funds of those who donated.

Also, I don't know anything about those pre-paid WalMart Visa cards, but I am willing to make an educated guess. It would seem to me that there should be a toll free number and/or a website on the back of that card that you can check the balance to ascertain that the 50 bucks was debited.

But again, you and everyone who donated did so without compromise via the Campaign's comments.

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

He should re-register

Technically he can still vote in Missouri, but he would have to go back to where he used to live to vote in that precinct.

You should all register where you live now.It is very easy. Take a utility bill and ID to you nearest library and register there. Every library I have ever heard of has voter registration cards.

You can also call your county election board and ask them about registration locations.

Start voting in every election. It is not just politicians you vote for, but local issues as well.

Also, the electoral college is a good thing.

thank you

thank you for your reply, but, at the risk of sounding stupid, why is the electoral college a good thing? if they are sent to washington in numbers determined by the popular vote, but not required to vote for the person they were sent for, doesnt that mean our votes dont actually count? doesnt that open up the possibilities of more corruption in voting? and how does rigged elections and voter fraud happen, and how can it be stopped?

ron in 12!

I disagree...

OFallonBrent says: "Technically he can still vote in Missouri, but he would have to go back to where he used to live to vote in that precinct."

Do Absentee Ballots sounds familiar to you OFallonBrent?

People who are living in one State (let's say Kansas) but who declare Residency in another State (let's say Missouri), can vote via Absentee Ballot for their declared State of Residency. ....(One must also follow the laws regarding the residency...as it isn't as simple as I just described.)

Voting via Absentee Ballot in this case, he would not have "to go back to where he used to live to vote in that precinct," but can vote without ever leaving Kansas.

Anyways: For songman727's original question: I would suggest contacting the Secretary of State for all your voting information.

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

You are right about absentee voting

I should have mentioned that option. My thought at the time was to make the point that you can't just walk into any polling place to vote.

Information about Missouri absentee voting.

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