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New Interviews with Ron Paul

There are new Ron Paul interviews coming up tomorrow. Here's the scoop:

Interview with Freedom Watch, Fox Business
August 23, 2011 8:00 pm ET

Interview with Maria Bartiromo, CNBC Closing Bell
August 23, 2011 4:30 pm ET

Just thought I would pass it on.

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Freedom watch isn't listed anymore :(

“When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.”
― Ron Paul

For those w/o cable


"He did not come into the world to condemn it, but to save it." - John 3:17

"Well, you know it's like I always say 'it ain't government work if you don't have to do it twice.'" - Jerry Gergich


Did his interview get cancelled I'm watching it live and its past 4:30

“When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.”
― Ron Paul

If The Judge Is On Vacation, Why The Show Name Change?

I think Murdock got scared because "The Judge" talks up Ron Paul, giving him much exposure.

I fear they, Fox News and Fox Business Via Murdock are going to completely cutoff TV exposure of Ron Paul..

Ron Paul must continue to work around the "Media Blackouts" by doing exceptionally well during the Presidential Debates, and radio interviews. So far it looks like CNBC still is on board, but for how long?

don't forget....

August 24, 2011
Interview with WGIR Morning show-Paul Westcott

Congressman Ron Paul will interview with WGIR Morning show-Paul Westcott Wednesday, August 24, 9:15am Eastern

I just read the same thing ..

But I believe it will be Varney From "Varney and friends."

On another thread here...

...I read that the Judge is on vacation this week.

Hmm.... maybe STOSSEL interviews the Doc??

I don't know ..

But I plan to find out !

Where is Freedom Watch???

Its not on Fox today at 8PM. Varneys show is on. Did fox pull the judge??