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Barron's Slams Dr. Paul as Unpatriotic. Schiff Defends

Schiff responds to this article in Barron's (published on Dr. Paul's birthday): Candidate of Doom and Gloom


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Twisted logic

Leave it to Schiffy to pick apart the twisted logic used to denigrate RP.

"Men are ruled, at this minute, by the clock, by liars who refuse them news, and by fools who cannot govern."

-G.K. Chesterton

Here's the original link.


We should use this link instead and drive traffic here. It's Peter Schiff's original youtube channel. We should support Peter Schiff for all his efforts.

my big bro

made the Ron Paul image that serves as the backdrop to this vid

Barron's is a News Corp Property. Surprised?

Me neither.

Pro-Paul Freedom Watch and Stossel

are NewsCorp too. Surprised?

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!


Then I guess it all evens out?

schiff makes small correction

schiff slightly amended his claim that the worst performing stock holding of dr. paul went up 300% when in fact it was just 200%. not a biggie but thought i would add that tidbit. either way, it's clearly a hit piece by barron's and carries a dangerous accusation. i wonder if barron's looked into barack's portfolio to see if he owns any foreign stocks or funds. or better yet, what if he owns stocks in companies that benefited from tarp or the treasury/gov't bailout which he voted for? i guess in his case that wouldn't be viewed as un-patriotic. after all, his top economic adviser is jeff immelt from GE. yeah, the corp. that got $150 bil in the bailouts and paid no taxes last yr. on $5 bil in profits and got a $2.8 tax credit.

Contact info for Barrons

online.editors@barrons.com Let these idiots know your disapproval of their biased article, and their refusal to look at the big picture.

reedr3v's picture

I look forward to Barron's balanced

article on Obama's personal investments, and their timeline as he rose into power. Let's see all of his profits from the very corporations that most benefit from his political policies.

I USED TO be a Barrons Subscriber..

I let it expire about a year ago - JUST because of hack job stories like this.

Loved this in the comments section

"John B replied:
Actually, Ron Paul has a decent chance at getting the GOP nomination.
For the 2008 run, do some research about the shenanigans the GOP pulled in Louisiana, Nevada, and other states. Ron Paul's supporters are now firmly inside the GOP in many states. If you show up to your GOP meetings, you can observe this for yourself.

When room-temperature IQ Rick Perry is talking about ending the Fed, the time has come."


It's funny, the comments are mostly pro Ron Paul.

It's not any different than the government or media, where "elites" lie to the people to try to manipulate them.

The author at Barron's is a liar trying to fool the public, fortunately, the majority of people commenting on his article point out his lies.

The Internet and freedom of information are bringing the death of the liars and status quo.

Ron Paul's investments would actually go down

If he was able to accomplish his goals of ending the Fed and moving this country away from fiat currency.


The Powers that be (were)

are clearly disturbed by the real threat to the establishment. Otherwise, why would they not attack Michele Bachmann as well?

Ron Paul always wins

lol, Peter Schiff was excellent !


to Schiff first! Then you'll know how really disingenuous the article is. And how truly smart the good Dr. is.

Barron's and Paul's voting record

The thing that is pathetic is Barron's trying to insinuate that Ron Paul's votes are somehow an attempt to drive up gold prices for personal enrichment when Ron Paul has the most consistent voting record in all of congress. You can predict his vote ahead of time on almost any issue because he always votes on principle.

It appears to me that his investments are like an insurance policy on the worst case scenario that he has been warning about for decades. The remarkable thing about his investment performance is that it was done WITHOUT insider sweetheart deals like many other congressmen do for personal gain.

Has everyone listened to this???

If any person who has 1/2 a brain and was not a RP supporter listened to this brief "logic rant" of Peter Schiff they would have to be a complete and total idiot and moron who loves to lose everything in their life to not WAKE UP and realize what a brilliant Man this is running for the White House!


Anyone who plays the "he's

Anyone who plays the "he's not patriotic" card -- whether its about Paul or Obama or anyone else -- automatically loses

Excellent post. This should

Excellent post. This should be front page..

link to article


also, it says that dr. paul had physical gold holdings totaling around $100-250 thousand between 1994 and 2002. that would mean that gold is now worth at least 7.5 times as much today. not too shabby for a doctor with no formal investment training and just the good sense to read history.

I want Ron Paul as my

I want Ron Paul as my investment adviser.

we need to help set barron's straight on this

we need more responses to the barron's article with the real facts. as schiff said, what dr. paul is advocating actually hurts his own investments.

read the comments

at Barron's. They are being schooled.

It'll cost ya.

To comment, one must subscribe. Minimum cost $79. I would not give them a penny.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

yeah, i saw that too

figures they would do that. write articles that upset a lot of people and then make it impossible for them to respond w/o paying. well, schiff said he would try and write a formal letter to the editor to rebut the hit piece.
it would be interesting to see if barron's looked into obama's financial records...oh yeah, he never had a real job until he was approx. 38 years old and ran for state senate. whoops. stupid me.
and the irony that the "writer" suggests dr. paul's no vote on the debt ceiling would have helped his portfolio yet the debt ceiling past and his holdings are going up even faster. so, which is it? they can't have it both ways.

Thanks for the post!

Thanks for the post!

no problem

i wish i could edit the post to tell folks to skip to the 1 minute mark when schiff starts with the barron's piece.