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How to Defeat Barack Obama? Polls Say Ron Paul.


We've all heard it over and over again from the media establishment: "Ron Paul is a niche candidate. He has no chance of winning the Republican nomination, and if he did, he would be crushed by Obama in the general election." As frustrating as this is, this narrative persists in the face of all the facts that debunk it.

This past August 14, in the aftermath of Dr. Paul's incredibly close second-place behind Michelle Bachman, CNN's Candy Crowley asserted on State of the Union, "If you look at the top two here, Michelle Bachman followed by Ron Paul, you could argue that the polls are showing that those are among the two that do the worst put up against President Obama. In the end, aren't Republicans going to go for the person they think is strongest up against Obama?" Crowley's guest on the program, seeming to question the factual integrity of that statement, said, "I don't know how you make that calculation." To which Crowley responded, "Well, the polls are one way." (Video here.)

Let's take a look at the polls.

If we look back as early as April of last year, a poll by Rasmussen surprised many, showing a virtual dead heat between a hypothetical Ron Paul candidacy and President Obama (Obama 42%, Paul 41%).

As we jump ahead one full year, to May 5, 2011 (three months ago), a poll by Crowley's own network, CNN, Ron Paul beat out all the other Republican contenders when paired head-to-head against Barack Obama. Trailing Obama by only 7 points, Paul possessed the narrowest gap between a candidate and the sitting President (Obama 52%, Paul 45%). To compare, Mitt Romney, one of Paul's runners up, trailed Obama by 11 points.

Skip to today, and a new poll by Gallop shows the Congressman from Texas trailing Obama by a mere 2 points (Obama 47%, Paul 45%). Add to the mix another recent poll by Rasmussen, from July 22, again shows Paul polling competitively against the sitting President (Obama 41%, Paul 37%).

Ron Paul's popularity is nothing new. Unlike some candidate's, whose quick rise in polling could very well be a "flash in the pan," Paul has consistently polled very well for the general election. Taken collectively, the polling data over the last year and a half paints a picture in which a Candidate Paul is very competitively poised to become a President Paul, yet this is not the story the media has given us.

We are told again and again by the Candy Crowley's of the world that Ron Paul has no hope in a general election. At best, Crowley is guilty of ignorance and incompetence, at worst, she is guilty of lying and manipulation. In either case, she is guilty of the bias that has plagued the entire establishment media.

The tides are turning, however, and as key media figures speak out, a popular backlash is beginning to stir. Whether it is Juan Williams declaring that "We are living in the age of Ron Paul," or Jon Stewart questioning how the media came to treat Paul like "the thirteenth story of a hotel," the backlash is growing. Soon, no one in the media will be able to deny Congressman Paul's popularity with the American voters. We just have to keep the media's feet to the fire a little longer.

Tomorrow, I will follow-up with my "Three Reasons Why Ron Paul is the Best Candidate to Defeat Barack Obama." Stay tuned.