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CS Monitor: "Has Ron Paul Become Electable?"

The author asks a question we already know the answer to...


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82% of Republicans would vote

82% of Republicans would vote for Paulif he was the GOP Nominee. 91% of Republicans would vote for Romney if he was the GOP nominee.

so 18% of Republicans would vote socialism against capitalim if Paul was the Nominee and 9% of republicans would vote against socialism through Romney or Obama ... interesting.

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire


I dont know how any journalist or political operative could say that Mitt Romney is electable. I know anyone is electable if enough people vote for him. But Romney? Really? Its truly insane that that pre-packaged-politician is viewed as electable as President of the United States, but Ron is written off. Its insane.

Remember Dean's YEEEEAAAAAH!!! moment in Iowa 2004?
Instantly destroyed his campaign. INSTANTLY! One poorly positioned directional mic and its curtains.

But Mitt Romney, the day before Ames, standing on a bale of hay(preposterous), dressing down a citizen who had an important question would have destroyed soooo many past hopefuls, but Mitt says it and its a non issue. Not only is it a nonissue but he's still leading in the polls. Its non-scandal is more infuriating than what he said to that man.

yell into a mic and your campaign is obliterated.

Talk about the Fed for 30 years while raising $1.8M in one day, and you're ignored

Tell an Iowan @ Ames to fuck off, come in 7th in the strawpoll, and you're a frontrunner.


Those willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

Do you know Hugh?

Hugh goddam right he has!

Finally, More Positive Ron Paul Articles beginning to surface

This is a terrfic sign...I'm tellin ya, he's catching on!